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June 5 In the news: Facebook wants to use your posts to train AI. Apple announces new tinnitus research. Copilot screen snapping recall data stored in plain text. The IRS plans to offer free online tax preparation in all 50 states. The harsh truth behind Samsung's phone repair program. Smartphone customer satisfaction index. The Microsoft PC manager is caught up in controversy. Benjamin Rockwell on a shifting workplace needs some thought on all sides. The Tech Corner: The NSA recommend periodically restarting a smartphone because it might remove malware. Why some systems are pre-installed with the S Mode flavor of Windows. Google's confusing AI jargon. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the Tovolo food cover and Blackmagic SDI convertors. MP3


May 29 In the news: T-Mobile is raising prices on some of its older plans. Competition comes to the laptop market. China's largest chipmaker SMIC, is now the third largest foundry in the world. Benjamin Rockwell on how to ensure that a home office is ergonomic and healthy. The Tech Corner: ARM64 and AI are driving a 'Great Reset'. Windows on ARM. Clean up browser extensions. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on webcams and the nuances of non-verbal communications. MP3
May 22 In the news: The Raspberry Pi is going public. Do not put all your eggs in one cloud basket. ASML could remotely brick Taiwan's chipmaking. Asus apologizes for heavily criticized warranty and return service. What is Windows 11 Copilot+ AI Recall? Benjamin Rockwell on how IT folks may work different hours, get over it. The Tech Corner: Compairing Windows 11 Pro vs Windows 11 Home Edition. Graphene batteries. Intel produces advanced chips. How advanced? They don't yet exist. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss buyer beware Milo Walkie Talkie gizmo. MP3
May 15 In the news: T-Mobile could be "Profiling" you - how to opt-out. Customers say Meta's ad-buying using AI is not working. Understanding AI product labeling. Artificial Intelligence has a measurement problem. AI editing tools are coming to all Google Photos users. Microsoft plans to lock down Windows DNS. New RISC-V microprocessor can run CPU, GPU, and NPU workloads simultaneously. Benjamin Rockwell on maintaining a work-life balance when working remotely. The Tech Corner: What is the Windows Reliability Monitor? Tougher rules for sellers of Internet-Enabled devices. The next generation of Television is ATSC 3.0. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston explore the idea of DIY safety - beware sawstop. MP3


April 24 In the news: The FTC has banned non-compete agreements. The Department of Energy finalizes efficiency standards for lightbulbs. Staples' new plan is to recycle nearly everything. New Android malware called "Mamont" poses as Google Chrome to steal banking details. Comcast launches a new brand for low-cost Internet, Mobile and TV. CNN boss Mark Thompson says the network faces an "existential crisis". Benjamin Rockwell on marketing yourself to recruiters everywhere to drive new job options. The Tech Corner: Microsoft should not be heavy handed with apps people use on Windows 11. Microsoft wants you to ditch local accounts on Windows 10. Microsoft lifts their 2-year old block preventing an upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Iniu Power Bank, Tripp-Lite Generator and Klein Tools. MP3
April 17 In the news: T-Mobile could be "profiling" you right now. AI spam is winning the battle against search engine quality. AirTag-like trackers for Android's Find My Device network will ship in May. Soon some older PCs will lose Windows 11 support. Dell sets a new standard - fully remote workers are no longer eligible for promotions. OpenAI and Microsoft are planning a $100 Billion datacenter housing an AI supercomputer. The FCC to cut monthly broadband benefits due to funding shortfall. Google is pushing their Gemini AI into another app on your Android phone. Benjamin Rockwell: After hours tests for prospective employees are a red flag. The Tech Corner: Free Microsoft Office software may not mean free to use. The pros and cons of noise-canceling headphones. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Safer Escape ladder and Klein Tools. MP3
April 10 In the news: The solar eclipse that transformed science. Microsoft paid subscription support for Windows 10 updates beyond 2025. You can now use ChatGPT without an account. Gizmodo tested AI censorship. YouTube TV is on track to become larger than both Comcast and Spectrum. Amazon ditches "Just Walk Out" checkouts at its grocery stores. Benjamin Rockwell offers tips and planning for the regular replacement of computers. The Tech Corner: The "Intel Processor" branding has replaced Pentium and Celeron. New RISC-V microprocessor can run CPU, GPU, and NPU workloads simultaneously. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Lumaflex (bad idea) and Dreo (good idea) ideas for heating. MP3
April 3 In the news: Google to 'destroy' collected Chrome incognito mode data. Chromebooks are about to change. Intel confirms that Microsoft's Copilot AI will soon run locally on PCs. Microsoft Office no longer comes with Teams. OpenAI and Microsoft are planning a $100 Billion datacenter housing an AI supercomputer. Benjamin Rockwell on preparing to be hit by a bus. The Tech Corner: Reviving an aging laptop with the free Chrome OS FLEX. eMMC vs. SSD storage: just what is the difference? Th term 'Wi-Fi' does not mean what you think it means. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Beamio cordless USB-C or HDMI. MP3


March 27 In the News: World Backup Day is March 31st. The World Wide Web is now 35 years old. Apple has kept an illegal monopoly over smartphones in the U.S. Intel's New i9-14900KS CPU will run faster in pre-built systems with delidding. Notepad in Windows 11 has a new spellcheck feature. Benjamin Rockwell on improving your home office. The Tech Corner: Is your laptop always plugged in whenever it is in use? If so, that is bad for the battery. The PC is evolving from personal computing to an innovation enabler. The SIM card is going away. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss why AI is still 10 miles away. MP3
March 20 In the News: The FCC raises their definition of the minimum broadband speed from 25Mbps to 100Mbps. Where are Android's AirTags? The FCC is cracking down on cable "junk fees". Voyager 1 sputters back to life. Benjamin Rockwell on how to lead a fully remote team. The Tech Corner: Turn an old iPhone or Android smartphone into a home security camera. What is Computational Photography? Intel will be the first to use backside power delivery in a process node. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Klein tools and Skilsaw. MP3
March 13 In the News: SSDs are getting more expensive again. Microsoft to reduce Windows 11 update restarts with "Hotpatching". Apple officially warns users to stop putting wet iPhones in rice. Linux's market share after 33 years. Benjamin Rockwell on Coffee Badging. The Tech Corner: Should you upgrade Windows Home to Windows Pro? Why your Wi-Fi router might lock out your older devices. Is HAM radio still relevant in the age of the Internet? - Dr Rebecca Mercuri. enjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Scansnap and Workhorse Sawhorse. MP3
March 6 In the news: The Apple car project has apparently ended. Returning to the office does not improve company value, but it does make employees miserable. Consumer Reports shows that popular off-brand doorbell cameras are not safe. Microsoft will remove support for running android apps on Windows 11. Lenovo is partnering with iFixit to deliver ThinkPad laptops with user-replaceable parts. Benjamin Rockwell on To Webcam, or Not to Webcam. The Tech Corner: What is Memory-Safe Programming? Why an Electric Vehicle's voltage matters, and what it means for the car's charging speed. TCF 2024 Generative AI Music and Arts preview. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Linksys and mesh networks. MP3


February 28 In the News: The US has returned to the moon. AT&T reveals the cause of Thursday's massive outage. The FTC fines cybersecurity company Avast $16.5 Million. Roadblocks for Windows 11 upgrades that still exist. Benjamin Rockwell on not using a company computer for personal computing. The Tech Corner: Common misconceptions HR has about independent contractors. Microsoft is forcefully auto-upgrading Windows 11. Why some Windows 11 systems are not eligible for upgrades. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Rokform 100W cables and GAN charger. MP3
February 21 In the News: Gen Zs report having fallen for scams, more than all other generations. Google defaults to saving Gemini AI conversations for years. Google huge free AI upgrade for all Android users. the EU charges Apple a $539 Million Anti-Trust fine. Older workers find a less tolerant workplace. Meta plans to build an artificial general intelligence. Push back on the Biden AI plan. Benjamin Rockwell on CEO over WebMD mocks those working from home. The Tech Corner: The different types of Artificial Intelligence. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on AI Deepfakes and Winston's AI content spotter. MP3
February 14 In the News: WhatsApp chats will soon work with other encrypted messaging apps. Apple is Licensing an OS Again for the First Time in 30 Years. Audacity Gets Free AI Plugins. Microsoft is Killing Off Several features in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Universal Memory Breakthrough in the Next Generation of Computers. Windows 11 ARM PC with a New ARM Browser. Hidden Number on Android Phone to Unlocking More Battery Life. Benjamin Rockwell on Non-Disclosure Agreements. The Tech Corner: Microsoft Reveals Next Evolution of Windows - it will not be Windows 12. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Tineco Toasty One, Basquettes. MP3
February 7 In the news: Comcast is dropping its misleading Xfinity 10G network branding. Comcast is no longer the largest Cable TV Company. Microsoft's new OneDrive Design. The Floppy Disk refused to die in Japan. Deepfake Scammer Walks off with $25 Million in an AI Heist. Microsoft's New AI can simulate anyone's voice. Benjamin Rockwell on Navigating Computer Training. The Tech Corner: More and more USB Sticks and microSD Cards are Being Made with Dubious Components. Should You Power Off Your PC nightly? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Reolink, Kingston, Denova and Shelly. MP3


January 31 In the News: HP Says They Brick Printers That Use Third-Party Ink Because of hackers. The IRS is Piloting new free Tax Preparation Software. The NSA is Buying Your Browser History. THe FTC Opens an Investigation into Big Tech's partnerships with AI Startups. EV Drivers complain that Cold Weather Reducing their Battery Range. Each Facebook User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies. Benjamin Rockwell on Worker Choice Better on Return, Hybrid, Remote. The Tech Corner: Software Perpetual Licenses Evolving to Software Subscriptions. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston explore the Idea of DIY Safety - Beware Sawstop. MP3


2023 Shows      XML 
November 29 In the News: The 5 day office week is dead. Nvidia was sued for stealing trade secrets after screen sharing a rival company's code. The popularity of Cable TV and Satellite are fading faster than anyone expected. The FCC enforces stronger rules to protect customers against SIM swapping attacks. Non-Fiction authors sue OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement. The FCC issues new rules on digital discrimination. Benjamin Rockwell on how moving closer to paperless helped a company improve. The Tech Corner: Black Friday is no longer just a date. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the UGreeen Charger, Ottocast, Hozo ruler, North Shore charger and Gravastar GAN charger. MP3
November 22 In the News: The end of the Microsoft Standalone application. New York's potential ban on noncompete employment agreements. The drama at OpenAI and Sam Altman's firing. Benjamin Rockwell thinks that Captchas are broken. The Tech Corner: Xerox PARC - Ethernet is still going strong after 50 years. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Tusco Planter, Acurite Weather, Dremel, Magnetpal, Homey Automation, Yeelight Cubes and Pokit Oscilloscope. MP3
November 15 In the News: Amazon Set to Ditch Android in "All Devices". Cost of Local Cable TV Retransmission Grew 5,329 percent from 2006 to 2019. Companies are demanding employees spend more days in the office, yet they are also reducing their office space. Western Digital to split into two companies. Benjamin Rockwell on the reasons why people struggle with and need to follow policy. The Tech Corner: Sony releases full frame digital camera with global shutter. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Ninja Mixer, Digiorno Pizza, GABB Watch, Typhur Fryer, Skippy PB, Jolly Pets, Withings Scale and GE Savant Lights. MP3
November 8 In the News: YouTube's limitations on video recommendations for teens. Altice Cable TV company's CEO says Cable TV is broken. YouTube's ad blocker detection and EU privacy law. Canon's advanced chip machines to cost a fraction of ASML's best. The Meltdown of the global electric vehicle market. EV battery replacement cost. Pulverizing EV batteries extended battery lifespan by 30 percent. Benjamin Rockwell on the evolving world of cyber security. The Tech Corner: you may not need third-party antivirus software. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Preview, Cloudicious Plant Trimmer and the Anker 511 power bank. MP3
November 1 In the news: Does WeChat pose a security risk? H&R Block, Meta, and Google all got hit with a RICO lawsuit. Charter spent $6.3 million in credit refunds to subscribers. Google clock app gets weather forecast and other news in update. How much did Google pay to be the Apple default search engine? NASA wants the Voyagers to age gracefully. The secondary mobile market for older phones. Benjamin Rockwell on how learning is important to move forward in IT. The Tech Corner: ChatGPT is not coming for your coding job. Has 5G lived up to expectations? Daylight Savings Time. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the MOES Garage Door WIFI module and IOTTIE Charging Mount. MP3


October 25 In the news: A joint venture between Comcast and Charter Communications. BMW to sync up with Tesla's EV charging plug. Big Tech's favorite legal shield takes a hit. Section 230 and social media moderation. New features in Google Maps. BitLocker encryption can slow down Windows 11 Pro, running on an SSD, by up to 45 percent. Global PC sales have continued to drop. Benjamin Rockwell opines on woke and cancel cultures. The Tech Corner: Just how safe are Lithium batteries? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss VTOMAN Jump 1800, Klein Tools and Backpack. MP3
October 18 In the news: FCC says that Comcast, Spectrum and AT&T must start displaying a "nutrition label". FCC to re-introduce rules protecting Net Neutrality. Best Buy plans to rid itself of all DVDs. What you see is what you'll pay. Why more business leaders are saying to ditch the 4 year degree. Nearly half of companies reneged on their remote work policies. Benjamin Rockwell on Information Technology failures with business and life. The Tech Corner: How employers nudge workers out the door. Finding a tech job is still a nightmare. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Eaton UPS, Apps2Car Charger Mount, Zevo Insect Repellant. MP3
October 11 In the news: Comcast and Charter's joint streaming platform: Xumo. Beware of MicroSD card SSDs. Charter could shut down over 30 Cable TV channels. Amazon will eventually charge a subscription for Alexa. T-Mobile impending 2G shutdown. Consider a mesh router system to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones. The Better Business Bureau told Mint Mobile to cease their claim of an unlimited plan. Benjamin Rockwell on using non-work tech in business. The Tech Corner: The state of the photography industry 2023 report. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the UGreen Charger and Ninja Outdoor Oven. MP3
October 4 In the news: Microsoft will stop free upgrades from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10/11. The Raspberry Pi 5 has arrived with a performance boost. iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues. The FTC sues Amazon for operating an illegal monopoly. Cornell University issues AI guidelines. We are not alone - there is ageism in China tech too. Benjamin Rockwell on IT policies that impact you directly. The Tech Corner: A first look at the new Microsoft BACKUP program for Windows 11/10. The EFF urges Chrome users to get out of the privacy sandbox. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Worx Mulcher, Baseus Power Bank and Ekyro garage opener. MP3


September 27 In the News: Chromebooks are now given a decade of support with bug fixes. Space drugs factory denied re-entry to Earth. The FCC accuses Telcos of profiting from robocalls. Comcast has started talks to sell all of Hulu to Disney. Microsoft Defender, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and Norton can slow down Windows PCs. Benjamin Rockwell on IT Policies Part 1 - That Impact You Directly. The Tech Corner: How long does data last on an SD card? Is a commute part of the work day? The median age of employees at all the top tech companies. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Kensington Pro Fit Trackball, Blaster Door Lubricant. MP3
September 20 In the News: The U.S. vs Google is the biggest tech monopoly trial of the 21st century. Cable TV is on life support. But a new bundle is coming alive. Free audio books - thanks to Microsoft AI and Project Gutenberg. Apple's iPhone 15 USB-C choice is baffling. Coca-Cola's AI-Generated soda Y3000. Google is turning your car into a tablet with wheels. Benjamin Rockwell asks why are some IT folks moving on? The Tech Corner: A STEM graduate first job in the IT industry. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Tailwind IQ3 smart garage door opener. MP3
September 13 In the News: Say goodbye to DSL and landline telephones. Apple is losing its shine in China. Tubi free streaming service. Is YouTube TV cracking down on family account sharing? The death of Cable TV is speeding up. Cable TV could return in streaming form. Cord cutting impact on the Disney-Charter deal. NASA astronaut Frank Rubio breaks the record for the longest U.S. space mission. Benjamin Rockwell answers a listener question: how to get a laptop back from an exiting employee. The Tech Corner: The Gmail Android app will introduce a "Select All" button. Windows desktop apps. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the Anker LED light with cam, Dreame vacuum, Klein tools. MP3
September 6 In the News: Nationwide Schedule for All-Device Emergency Alert Test. FCC Reject ISPs complaint requiring the listing of every fee as too hard. The FCC approves a plan to make wireless home Internet access faster. Google unveils a new feature - the best time to book flights. Microsoft is capping unlimited storage for OneDrive. Microsoft is killing off WordPad in Windows. Companies are now 'quiet cutting' workers. Benjamin Rockwell on using a company PC for personal use. The Tech Corner: The Labor Day return to office mandates are facing resistance. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Meater, Zhiyun Lighting, Baseus Vacuum. MP3


August 30 In the News: A court might kill the Universal Service Fund. Incandescent light bulbs are not banned. The College Board shares student test score data with TikTok and Facebook. ZOOM CEO says employees need to be in the office because it is hard to build trust over ZOOM. Gen Z and Millennials are ditching iPhones for $100 flip phones. Benjamin Rockwell's current position on return to office. The Tech Corner: A breakthrough in Graphene technology - the next battery generation. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Lysol, Torras Fan, Worx Saw, and Shark Stratos Vacuum. MP3
August 23 In the News: AI-created art can not get copyright protections. Is cord-cutting losing stream? Charter's Spectrum increases their broadcast TV fee. The cost of streaming services is open ended. YouTube TV was the only live TV provider to add subscribers in the second quarter of 2023. Benjamin Rockwell on the upsides of working in Information Technology. The Tech Corner: Sandisk/Western Digital Extreme portable SSDs suffer extreme digital data loss. Ultra Wideband (UWB) could be coming to Chromebooks. The printer industry scam requiring ink to scan a document. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Rheem Ecos12 (bad water heat), Baseus handset mount. MP3
August 16 In the News: The New York City WiFi Kiosk deployment is in shambles. Surveillance Capitalism 101. Intel is selling off their NUC inventory. FCC orders cable and telecom ISPs to show the actual final cost. Digital camera shipments are up 11% since May 2023. Benjamin Rockwell on the downsides of working in Information Technology. The Tech Corner: Ageism is on the rise at the top tech companies. NASA spacecraft will reunite with the Earth after 17 years. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston: question to sales and customer - What's in it for me and why bother? MP3
August 9 In the News: Microsoft is shutting down their Cortana digital assistant. NASA mistakenly severs communication with Voyager 2. The FCC shut down a major pipeline for robocalls. Gmail is encouraging users to enable Enhanced Safe Browsing. Microsoft releases a System Tuning app for Windows 10 and 11. Benjamin Rockwell on what to do in IT when it gets boring. The Tech Corner: FCC approval for first time free OTA TV by 5G. The first generation of solar panels will wear out. What is a quantum computer and how does it differ from classical/digital computers? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Anker Portable Power and Bebird Visual Tweezers. MP3
August 2 In the News: Local TV stations want the FCC to reclassify streaming services as Cable TV companies. Amazon may take on Verizon and AT&T in offering cheap wireless plans. Google delays the launch of Find My Device network and trackers. Google rolls out anti-stalking measures for AirTag and other Bluetooth trackers. ASUS will manufacture and develop all new Intel NUC Mini PCs. Apple crack down on "fingerprinting" with new app store API rules. LG Electronics to adopt subscription offerings for its home appliances and televisions. Benjamin Rockwell on the move away from careful tech diagnosis. The Tech Corner: Basic 101 improving router WiFi range coverage. TSMC claims of talents shortage in the United States. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the Runhood Power Station and Kensington Quiet Type Keyboard. MP3


July 26 In the news: Kevin Mitnick passed away at age 59. T-Mobile is getting pushback from customers on a new fee. The FTC is cracking down on extended car warranty scams. Spectrum is raising Cable TV, Internet and phone rates. Streaming held the biggest percentage of all viewing options. When will your streaming bill stop going upstream? A growing number of cord cutters are canceling streaming services. Benjamin Rockwell on how agile may require us to be agile. The Tech Corner: Tech firms make a pledge to the White House over the development of AI. Editorial: The agreement between the White House and tech companies is both flawed and toothless. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Anker Doorbell Cam, EcoProducts Wood Utensils. MP3
July 19 In the News: Tax preparation firms shared taxpayers' sensitive financial data with Meta/Facebook. Smartphones will need to have replaceable batteries by 2027. A class-action lawsuit claims that Google stole everyone's data to train its AI. NASA may have cracked the code for replacing Lithium in batteries. Comcast has a new $20 Live TV streaming service called Now TV. Benjamin Rockwell on the use of emojis by corporate management. The Tech Corner: Microsoft is quietly make fixing your PC a breeze. LiFi (Light-Based Wi-Fi) - IEEE 802.11BB. The media industry is in turmoil. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss NaturePedic bedding and a new robot vacuum from Dreametech. MP3
July 12 In the news: Judge orders Biden officials to limit contact with social media. China curbs Gallium and Germanium chips to counter US semiconductor ban. Toyota claims a battery breakthrough for electric cars. Tech jobs are still the most in-demand. Ageism of New Yorkers age 65 and up is a serious issue. Age discrimination could worsen both physical and mental health. Benjamin Rockwell on maintaining a work life balance. The Tech Corner: In New York City, companies will have to prove AI hiring software is not sexist or racist. Harvard University unveils plans to teach students with AI ChatBot this Fall. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on miscellaneous technology with Stanley, Civivi, Motorola, and Zevo. MP3
July 5 The FDIC accidentally released a list of companies it bailed out. Google's YouTube ads violate terms of service. Two electric flying car companies get a key permit from the FAA. The FTC preps for a battle with Amazon on anti-trust. Benjamin Rockwell on network engineer vs software engineer. The Tech Corner: free over the air (OTA) television. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss house technology with Rolling Square, Levoit, and Gutterglove. MP3


June 28 Website owners traffic plummeted after Facebook changed their algorithm. Digital camera review site DPReview.com avoids shutdown by Amazon. The FCC proposes rules requiring TV providers to give the all-in price. Cable Television is fading into history. Researchers created a simple app screen thermometer on a smartphone. PBS is now FREE streaming on www.LocalNow.com. Benjamin Rockwell on the boss monitoring the computer activities of employees. The Tech Corner: Who ultimately owns content generated by ChatGPT. Despite big layoffs, tech workers are finding new opportunities. 90 percent of laid off H-1B Visa holders were able to find new jobs. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Sound Tech with Aftershokz, Zvox and Anker. MP3
June 21 Sir Paul McCartney says AI enabled a final Beatles song. The INFORM Consumers ACT takes effect on June 27th. Heat assisted Magnetic Recording expands HDD capacity to 50TB. The James Webb space telescope will soon get a tiny sidekick. Creating a stronger password. The FCC is preparing a fresh look at Internet data caps. Benjamin Rockwell on why IT is stopping websites or apps from running. The Tech Corner: The evolution of Wi-Fi communications. Where are we today with Wi-Fi communications? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss kitchen tech with Cosori and Reynolds Wrap. MP3
June 14 The US is openly stockpiling data on all its citizens. Spectrum adds automatic surcharge due to "rising prices". Harvard's Future of Work professor see one job disappearing because of AI. Google's generative AI platform is now available to everyone. Mars mission is viable if it does not exceed four years. New research uncovers the peril of long duration spaceflight. Benjamin Rockwell on keeping pace with evolving tech. The Tech Corner: The average Cable TV subscriber pays $1,618 annually. Cable TV numbers are falling faster than expected. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss summer with ECOFLOW HVAC and Brisk It Grill. MP3
June 7 Scientists successfully transmit space based solar power to Earth. Microsoft will end support for Cortana later this year. AMD server chips crashed after 1,044 days of uptime. Cord Cutters are cutting back on streaming services. Both Cable TV and cord cutting prices are likely to keep going up. Comcast has a new $20/Month streaming service with 40 live channels. Next Generation TV over the air. Benjamin Rockwell on encouragement for annual IT drills. The Tech Corner: What are some common PayPal scams. Google makes its text to music AI public. The impact of work from home on office Real Estate. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Klein tools everywhere. MP3


May 31 In The News: Apple needs to practice what they preach about data security. The death of cable TV is coming faster than expected. Ways to watch live TV without a cable subscription. Wi-Fi advice from the FBI on router hardening. Benjamin Rockwell on what to do about a co-worker snooping on your PC. The Tech Corner: Is China's Powerstar CPU an Intel re-branded i3-10105? Temu is losing millions of dollars to send you cheap goods. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Roborock Vacuum and Anker Cameras. MP3
May 24 In The News: Meta/Facebook was hit with a record $1.3 billion fine by the EU. Big tech hires low paid foreign workers after US layoffs. Google will soon purge inactive accounts. Fake scientific papers are alarmingly common. Cord cutting 2.0 and new Internet options. AT&T too the first step toward offering smartphone satellite service. A bi-partisan "AM for Every Vehicle Act" bill was introduced in Congress. Benjamin Rockwell says to embrace using data to move ahead. The Tech Corner: Automated hiring systems. Apple restricts employees from using ChatGPT. Study exploring the security risks of ChatGPT. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Car Tech like key fob protector, Shaver and DAP Grout. MP3
May 17 In The News: Google gives BARD the ability to generate and debug code. Samsung bans AI tools like ChatGPT in the workplace. Apple lost a lawsuit seeking to ban IOS Virtual Machines. Microsoft makes an embarrassing Windows 11 U turn on ads. Windows 10 is not dead after all. 2.3 million Americans ditched Pay TV services in the first quarter of 2023. Disney+ and Hulu will combine into one app. The younger generation is ditching smart phones for dumb phones. Benjamin Rockwell asks if a boss should the have password to his personal email. The Tech Corner: Google announcements at their I/O conference. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Genie and Anker garage tech. MP3
May 10 In The News: Google BlueTooth tracker. Android Nearby Share for Windows. YouTube TV is now the 5th largest US TV provider. The 4th largest cable TV company is considering shutting down its TV service. YouTube TV is adding new channels and features this summer. See which websites are selling your data. Benjamin Rockwell on using tech to get ahead. The Tech Corner: what might we expect if AI is not kept in check. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on do it your shelf. MP3
May 3 In The News: Microsoft will stop selling their own brand mice and keyboards. Five culprit apps that drain a phone battery (hint: Facebook is the worst). Amazon begins another round of mass layoffs. ATT Wireless 5G Home Internet Air Service. An update to the Chromebook Video editor. NASA power hacks extend the Voyager 2 mission. Benjamin Rockwell on how communication between generations is getting worse. The Tech Corner: The computers and power supply of voyagers 1 and 2. Online streaming services are now mainstream TV (no pun intended). Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Kimura headset, Klein sockets and drill bits. MP3


April 26 In The News: More layoffs expected at Meta (Facebook). Samsung considers replacing Google with Bing in its phones. Ghost jobs are the latest thing workers need to worry about. Buzzfeed News is shutting down. The launch date and cost for the upcoming Amazon Home Internet Service. Seagate was fined $300M for selling HDDs to blacklisted Huawei. Microsoft is slowly rolling out ads in the Windows 11 Start menu. Benjamin Rockwell on why Neurodivergence in IT is good. The Tech Corner: Extending the battery charge of android phones. How to be a responsible citizen when disposing of your electronics. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Tarkett Flooring, Crescent Bit holder and Inuru Light Labels. MP3
April 19 In The News: The FTC is investigating the flow of pixel based ad tracking. The Facebook Meta pixel tracking tool is installed on many hospital websites. Google TV gets 800 free channels. An update to Google Photos brings a new movie editor to Chromebooks. Microsoft is developing a new version of windows called CorePC. OpenAI founder says there is no ChatGTP-5 to worry about. The FBI warns against using public phone charging stations. Benjamin Rockwell on Resume and Job Searching via AI. The Tech Corner: It is time to ditch the negative stigma around Chromebooks. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on an outdoor drain melt fix. MP3
April 12 In The News: Samsung workers made a major error by using ChatGPT. Disney laid off its entire dedicated Metaverse team. Big tech struggles to lay off workers in Europe. Apple joins Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in tech industry layoffs. Apple's 40 percent plunge in computer shipments. The Android Nearby Share feature now works with Windows. Old hard discs are more durable and resilient than new ones. Benjamin Rockwell discusses Whose Job is Threatened by AI? The Tech Corner: The physical SIM card will soon riding off into the sunset. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Vevor Tool Holder, Reidea Lighter. MP3
April 5 In The News: Restrict Act Could Be Used to Politically Censor Any Website in US. ChatGPT Has Passed the Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence. AI Ethics Group Says ChatGPT Violates FTC Rules. Google Drive Does a Surprise Rollout of File Limits. Benjamin Rockwell on the Role of the IT Auditor. The Tech Corner: Tech Layoffs Are Making Headlines Again. Big Tech Treats Employees as Resource They Can Readily Hire and Layoff. Placement of Router for Best Internet Speed. More on this here. What is Pixel Shift / Multi-shot? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Dremel, Mercato, Klein Combo Square. MP3


March 29 In The News: Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder passed away at age 94. Turing Award won by Bob Metcalf, the co-inventor of Ethernet. Non disparagement clauses were disallowed in severance agreements. FTC bans non compete clauses. Cable and Satellite providers will be required to display the true price of service. Pinduoduo, which has hundreds of million users, is accused of distributing malware. Work from Home employees fell to 16 percent in 2022. Benjamin Rockwell on Two Factor Authentication (2FA). The Tech Corner: Listening to over 30,000 radio stations around the world. March 31st will be World Backup Day. Judge ruled group of book publishers over the Internet Archive's online library. Artificial Intelligence vs the ancient sport of GO. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on electric vehicles. MP3
March 22 In The News: A time honored procedure to fix a space craft. An Amazon survey hints at a new web browser. Amazon Linux 2023 Cloud Optimized Distro is now available. A new satellite based home Internet service from Amazon was announced. Amazon CEO says an additional 9,000 employees will be let go. Google over hired to do fake work to stop them working for rivals. Mark Zuckerberg message to staff: welcome to the real world. Amazon shutdown their DPReview website. Benjamin Rockwell on how companies dispose of IT assets. The Tech Corner: The difference today between cord cutting and cable is almost nothing. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss high tech home insulation. MP3
March 15 In The News: FBI director Wray to the Senate Intel Committee - TikTok could control user devices. China's efforts to influence technical standards. The FBI admitted that it bought US location data. The FBI warns of voice cloning technology. Remote workers and freelancers: working from home is too expensive. A fake parking ticket scam. The IRS has big warning on tax filings. Benjamin Rockwell on how multiple data backups are crucial. The Tech Corner: a shockingly high number of Americans have cut the cord. Cheap ways to watch TV for viewers with costly cable and streaming subscriptions. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss donating electronics and cleaning house. MP3
March 8 In The News: Amazon Ring limits basic security features to subscription plan. Windows 7 users are abandoning ship and moving to Windows 10. The Secret Service and ICE repeatedly break the law with fake cell tower spying. Former ASML employee accused of spying for the Chinese government. Comcast plans to fight cord cutting in 2023. Intel's February 2023 driver updates released for Windows 11 and 10. Benjamin Rockwell on rage applying. The Tech Corner: Why the floppy diskette will not die. As remote work persists, cities struggle to adapt. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss recovering from the Bomb Blizzard. MP3
March 1 In The News: Companies can no longer silence laid off employees in exchange for severance. The FTC proposes a nationwide ban on non-compete clause for workers. Zuckerberg introduces Llama, Meta's answer to ChatGPT. The FTC warns tech: keep your AI claims in check. The new FTC Office of Technology will regulate tech Snake Oil. Some Google employees will have to share desks after returning to the office. Benjamin Rockwell on LinkedIn Professionalism. Tech Corner: Flight Simulator with the largest aircraft ever built. A renaissance in old technologies. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on dealing with a large amount of batteries. MP3


February 22 In The News: Your Gmail is permanently changing. The Supreme Court is taking up Section 230. Meta is planning a fresh round of layoffs. Cable One is going streaming only - shutting down subscription TV. Scientists can now use WiFi to "see" through walls (a bit). The FCC targets a repeat Robocall offender with a new cease and desist. The latest AMD drivers are causing havoc on Windows PCs. Benjamin Rockwell on arguing your severance package. The Tech Corner: Google challenge is set to hit Intel and AMD. Remote workers and freelancers are cutting back on working at home because it is expensive. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the Roccat Keyboard and the Brondell Bidet. MP3
February 15 In The News: Yahoo will lay off 20 percent of its staff. OkCupid employs ChatGPT. News publishers are wary of the Bing ChatBot. Alphabet chairman explains why Google was hesitant to put out its ChatGPT competitor. Google hopes to inoculate Internet users against misinformation. Benjamin Rockwell on automation in the workplace. The Tech Corner: The installed base of both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users went up. ChatGPT may be the fastest growing app in history. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Bomb Blizzard Experience. MP3
February 8 In The News: ChatGPT has a new rival, Google Bard. The FTC fines GoodRx $1.5M for sending medication data to Facebook and Google. Microsoft is silently checking your PC for outdated versions of Office. There is a color film shortage. How did the FBI get a Tor user's IP address? Benjamin Rockwell on ways to use tech to standout at the office. Tech Corner: Concerns about privacy and security with the Internet of Things (IoT). Patents reveal voice assistants will spy on you causes mistrust. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss post-CES charging, insect, robots and more. MP3
February 1 In The News: What to do if someone stole your Social Security Number. See more in this PDF file. Big Tech layoffs at Google, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon. Tech layoffs impact on H1-B foreign workers. Memory manufacturers are losing money on every chip they produce. Benjamin Rockwell on the biggest mistakes IT departments make. Tech Corner: What is fixed wireless access? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss post-CES: Ratchet, Snowblower, Android Auto and more. MP3


January 25 In The News: Google to launch DeepMind to rival Microsoft and ChatGPT. Google will slash 12,000 jobs as tech industry layoffs surge. Area 120, Google's in-house incubator impacted by mass layoffs. DirecTV lays off hundreds of managers as cord cutting accelerates. CNET is reviewing the accuracy of all its AI-written articles. Benjamin Rockwell on job boomeranging and things to consider. The Tech Corner: when do you really need to upgrade your PC? Streaming music services. FreeDOS releases its first new version in six years. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on post CES - trackball, IAQ and screwdrivers. MP3
January 18 In The News: FAA says computer failure grounded thousands of flights last Tuesday. Russia to launch mission to rescue stranded ISS crew. Open AI's ChatGPT - Generative AI looks like the next tech boom. Norton LifeLock - thousands of customer accounts breached. Benjamin Rockwell on the top things for job searching in the new world. The Tech Corner: cord cutting statistics and trends in 2023. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on social media over millennia. MP3
January 11 In The News: ATT drops their 411 Directory Assistance Service for digital landlines. LastPass was hit with a lawsuit over their August data breach. ID is now required to access online porn in Louisiana. The chip shortage will continue through 2023. The FCC will overhaul its security reporting rules. ChatGPT: The new AI Chatbot has been impressive talking to it. Benjamin Rockwell on Gen Z struggling with admitting tech problems. The Tech Corner: Non-binary DDR5 memory. The evolution of the electric car. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss big screen TVs. MP3
January 4 In The News: The NY State Right to Repair Law is a nothing burger. Eufy publicly acknowledges some parts of its "no clouds" controversy. James Webb space telescope shows that the big bang did not happen. FBI - beware the "Pig Butchering" crypto scam. Benjamin Rockwell on: In the Good Times You Want IT and in the Bad. The Tech Corner: Big Tech's dilemma with "We the Users are the Product." The growth in the size of your video files. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the transition to the New Year. MP3


2022 Shows      XML 
December 28 In The News: New EU battery regulations. There is no immediate action on the damaged Soyuz spacecraft. Pentax to build a new range of film cameras. FCC proposes a $300m fine for auto warranty robocalls. Big tech laid off thousands, but non profits and small startups are hiring. Apple, Google, and Mozilla in a big upgrade to speedometer. Benjamin Rockwell on decisions before taking IT jobs. The Tech Corner: The New York State Digital Fair Repair Act. How cold weather affects electric car's range and battery technology. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss using tech to design a backyard. MP3
December 21 In The News: Apple will allow EU third party app stores on the iPhone. Big tech companies join Linux to compete with Google Maps. Kodak is taking the top spot in compact camera sales. Pioneering methane fueled Chinese rocket fails to reach orbit. Google Alerts: watch out for these email scams. Cisco is laying off over 4,000 employees. Benjamin Rockwell on how IT workers need to prepare for long hours. The Tech Corner: Women working in the field of STEM with Rebecca Mercuri. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the last 15 seconds of shopping. MP3
December 14 In The News: Microsoft is nagging Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11. Point and Shoot cameras are back. Computer Science students face a shrinking big tech job market. NASA's Artemis 1 Orion capsule lands in the Pacific ocean to end epic moon mission. Benjamin Rockwell posits that IT workers will be needed forever. Tech Corner: Microsoft adds screen recording to the Windows 11 Snippet tool. The 75th anniversary of the Transistor will be on December 16th. The IEEE - Dr Rebecca Mercuri. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the last 30 seconds of shopping. MP3
December 7 In The News: Use the new Microsoft PC Manager to clean up and speed up a slow system. New York City kills the Internet master plan for universal public web access. Ageism is affecting IT tech workers aged 50 and over. Career cushioning is the latest work trend. Panasonic to shift its camera business to mirrorless video. Benjamin Rockwell asks if IT layoffs portend doom for the industry. The Tech Corner: Wi-Fi 6 is designed to be backwards compatible. Windows 11 taking a long time to copy a file. RISC vs RISC-V vs ARM – what’s the difference? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss last minute shopping. MP3


November 30 In the news: New York State Fair Repair Act is awaiting action. The FCC orders ISPs to display labels clearly showing speeds and itemized fees. Japan admits defeat with its moon-bound cubeSat. Robocall-enabling provider gets the digital death penalty from the FCC. Big tech companies are making massive cuts in headcount. Benjamin Rockwell has a solution to the work from Office or Home conflict. The Tech Corner: Thinking about taking your computer to a repair shop? Dr. Rebecca Mercuri on Ranked Choice Voting. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston think cryptocurrency exchanges are pyramid schemes. MP3
November 16 In the news: 40 States vs Google Location Tracking charges settled for $392 million. Gmail is adding a package tracking feature. Apple sued for allegedly deceiving users with privacy settings. Post Office warns the public to avoid using blue mail boxes. The International Space Station gets a delivery of a 3D printer. Benjamin Rockwell on labor hoarding for now. Tech Corner: Zero Gravity 3D printing in space. Big Tech sweeping layoffs. The Great Remorse takes over from the Great Resignation. Microsoft will make Surface parts available. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss various Lawn and Garden reviews. MP3
November 9 In The News: In Memory of Joe King, long time co-host of The Personal Computer Show on WBAI. NASA's Artemis rocket rolls back to launch pad. New Federal regulation may turn 'Contractors' into Employees. You may not get your USPS mail due to a major problem. Google is shutting down its dedicated Street View app. Windows 11 runs on fewer than 1 in 6 PCs. Tablet and Chromebook shipments are way down. Benjamin Rockwell on Ghosting in Lives, Work, and more. The Tech Corner: Hackers and bad actors are weaponizing your typos. The Windows Subsystem for Android has been declared ready for prime time. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Rhinoshield Gripmax. MP3
November 2 In The News: Amazon will open Project Kuiper Internet satellite factory. Comcast wants Internet users to pay more. How Google alerted Californians to an earthquake before it hit. Autonomous vehicles are not gonna happen in my lifetime. Mark Zuckerberg is all in with Metaverse. Facebook (Meta) is imploding. Benjamin Rockwell answers listener questions. The Tech Corner: Microsoft has a PC Manager (Beta) to clean up and speed up Windows. Gen-Z is bringing back digital cameras of the early 2000s. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Klein Tools Thermal Imager. MP3


October 26 In The News: Apple cuts production of the iPhone 14 Plus. Apple freezes plans to use China's YMTC chips. A new report about how TikTok uses data. New U.S. sanctions see semiconductor suppliers halt business with China. Incognito Mode in the Chrome web browser is 'Not Truly Private'. DuckDuckGo opens up the beta of its Mac web browser to all. The FCC denies ISP requests to keep their coverage calculations secret. The No. 1 reason your package says it has been delivered when it hasn't. Benjamin Rockwell on Flexwashing, or Fake Flex hours. The Tech Corner: Returning to a Kodak moment; NASA gets closer to a Venus mission; The Windows Subsystem for Android was declared ready for prime time. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Winter Advisory. MP3
October 19 In The News: The PC market is experiencing its steepest decline in 20 years. U.S. Supreme Court hears a case on fair use as we know it. The world's largest camera is nearing completion. Some remote workers are choosing to be over-employed, holding down two full-time jobs. U.S. companies are charging employees for job training if they quit. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Android phones block non 64-bit android apps. Benjamin Rockwell on ageism revisited with digital native term. The Tech Corner: Windows 11 may have a short product life. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss electrical updates through the home. MP3
October 12 In The News: It is cybersecurity awareness month. Over 50 percent of CEOs are considering cutting jobs. Amazon tells call center employees to work remotely. Hurricane Ian pushes NASA's Artemis 1 launch back to November. Micron selects a Syracuse suburb for their new computer chip plant. The FTC and the Department of Labor defining who is a gig worker. Benjamin Rockwell on defining independent contractors vs employees. The Tech Corner: What happens to the used batteries in electric cars? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the EGO Select Cut dual blade mower and chain saw. MP3
October 5 In The News: Comcast and Charter Spectrum are being good corporate citizens. The Supreme Court puts Section 230 on its docket. FCC Notice of proposed rulemaking. Users are experiencing corrupted photos on Google Photos. Facebook/Meta will freeze hiring and cut costs. Job hunting? Beware of ghost jobs. Google Stadia gaming service shutting down. Benjamin Rockwell on Quiet Quitting - laying out solutions and communications. The Tech Corner: Rebranding of USB standards. LED streetlights are increasing blue light pollution. More companies are adopting the Microsoft Surface form factor. Intel drops the Celeron and Pentium names from low end laptop CPUs. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston contend that dealing with China is not cheaper. MP3


September 28 In the News: NASA calls off the Artemis 1 launch as hurricane Ian threatens Florida. NASA is reportedly concerned that astronauts will get pregnant in space. A shift in Jupiter's orbit could have a bizarre impact on Earth. Employers worry that disconnected workers will re-fuel the great resignation. Return to Office mandates are making employees nervous. The FTC issues a crackdown warning over exploiting gig workers. Benjamin Rockwell discusses Quiet Quitting - pointing out the problems and solution provider. The Tech Corner: Integrating new members into a remote team. Scientists create matter from nothing. ARM architecture is now the default CPU in the datacenter server. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston reflect on designs in your world. MP3
September 21 In the News: Federal court rules that big tech has no "Free wheeling first amendment right to censor". Backblaze reports on the reliability of SSDs vs Hard Disk drives. NASA announces third launch attempt date for the Artemis 1. Google cancels half the R&D projects in their Area 120 division. LibreOffice is free for $10 from Apple's Mac App Store. Benjamin Rockwell on quiet quitting - relating to IT and Addressing Simple Side. The Tech Corner: Performance boost for Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. There is still a floppy diskette market. Harvard engineers invent a solid state battery that never dies. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the evolution of USB. MP3
September 14 In The News: NASA replaces the leaky fuel seal on the Artemis 1. Thousands bilked the US for free Internet - in one child's name. Google closed the operation of the Pixel Book Department. The FCC will release a draft of the broadband map in November. A new breed of Solid State storage products. Quiet Quitters are said to make up half of the US workforce. Benjamin Rockwell on Quiet Quitting - defined and processed. The Tech Corner: information integrity on the Internet, Internet Law and Regulation – Section 230. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss new Klein screwdrivers. MP3
September 7 In The News: Tech activist Peter Eckersley passed away at 43. Amazon closes and abandons plans for dozens of US warehouses. Researchers wirelessly transmitted power over 98 feet of thin air. US bans chipmakers from sending AI training chips to China and Russia. Japan to change laws that require use of floppy diskettes. Benjamin Rockwell on how Social Media can affect a job. Tech Corner: The second launch attempt of Artemis I is scrubbed. NASA solves Voyager 1 data glitch mystery. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on the tech challenge of sound and radar. MP3


August 31 NASA moon launch postponed-flight scrubbed due to engine problem. Google locked a parent's account over medical photos of their child. Huawei CEO reportedly puts company in survival mode. DuckDuckGo opens up its free email privacy service. Dozens of dangerous Android apps spotted in the wild. Google scrapped their plan to consolidate their communication services. Benjamin Rockwell answers a listener 1uestion about technology in small, medium, large companies. The Tech Corner: Which is less likely to promote dementia - TV viewing or computer use? Work from home employees may be asked to take a pay cut. Working from home impacts the food services industry. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss how streaming is overtaking the world. MP3
August 24 In the news: A breakthrough with fighting auto-warranty robocalls. All systems 'GO', Artemis 1 to lift-off with Snoopy. Streaming viewership surpasses Cable TV for the first time. Verizon cuts the cost of the Visible Internet Unlimited plan to $30/month. Changes in forging friendships at work. Benjamin Rockwell discussed concerns when you are a consultant. Tech Corner: TechCrunch launches the TruthSpy Spyware Lookup Tool. Apple releases iOS, iPadOS, and macOS security fixes. ZOOM series of security flaws. New Google Nest router with Wi-Fi 6E. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Barbasol razor as an example of promoting a product. MP3
August 17 In the news: Tonga's volcano eruption on January 15th sent tons of water into the stratosphere. A dark plasma eruption from the sun is headed towards Earth. The chip shortage impact on car makers. Sales collapse for digital Point-and-Shoot cameras. A Pew study finds that teens have abandoned Facebook. The final countdown begins: Artemis is set for launch. Benjamin Rockwell on Work vs Home Computers, part 2 of 2. Tech Corner: Are Solid State Devices worse for the planet than Hard Disk Drives? Are the colors in the James Webb space telescope images fake? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss a brush that bamboozled dentists. MP3
August 10 In the news: The James Webb Telescope and the Big-Bang theory. China graft probes stem from anger over failed CHIP plans. $52.7 Billion Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Act. AT&T settled a class action lawsuit for $14 Million. A new NAND Flash paves the way for super cheap large SSDs. Google TV to add its own free Live TV. Benjamin Rockwell on Work vs Home Computers (Part 1 of 2). Tech Corner: Google was hit with a lawsuit for dropping the free Workspace Apps. Firefox loses users and websites. The Raspberry Pi will soon have a new OS. Duck Duck Go releases new Microsoft blockers after backlash. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Chuckles candy and tech changes. MP3
August 3 In the News: Meta faces a lawsuit for allegedly collecting patient health data. Cloud storage company releases data on the life expectancy of mechanical hard drives. Russia to drop out of the International Space Station. Artificial Intelligence discovers alternative physics. Benjamin Rockwell on the price increases claimed as inflation. Tech Corner: Cord cutting reaches record levels. Cord cutting statistics. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss shifting ideas in customer service world. MP3


July 27 In the News: What might replace silicon in semiconductors? What will Voyager 1 and 2 do for an encore? FCC broadband maps and proposed broadband speed standards. Benjamin Rockwell discussed keeping ahead after returning to an office. Tech Corner: There are CMR hard disk drives and there are SMR ones too. When purchasing a computer system, should you configure it with a mechanical hard disk or an SSD. Seagate is working to increase disk drive recording density. Does hibernating a PC save more energy than sleep mode? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discussed how tech hoarding costs the hoarders. MP3
July 20 In the News: Amazon gives Ring video footage to law enforcement agencies without customer permission - even without a warrant. CP/M is now free to use and distribute. Microsoft will release a new version of Windows every 3 years. The United States has another shortage - electronics engineers. Benjamin Rockwell on how remote work made some people less suitable for an office. Tech Corner: The Next Generation in Television Broadcasting. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss single-chip radar. MP3
July 13 In the News: The FCC orders phone companies to stop delivering auto warranty robocalls. New E.U. landmark law targets big tech over hate speech and disinformation. Meta dumps crypto payments wallet, Novi. TikTok is an unacceptable security risk and should be removed from app stores. The U.S. wants China's SMIC to stop making 14nm chips. Benjamin Rockwell on how working from Home may be lesser of options. Tech Corner: smartphones continue to hurt camera sales. The convergence of videography and still photo photography. NASA unveiled the first full-color James Webb observatory images. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss their concerns about automation. MP3
July 6 In the News: Police sweep Google searches to find suspects. Google Password Manager to cross all platforms. EU consumer group filed complaint against Google over 'deceptive' sign-up practices. Starlink can now provide Internet services to moving vehicles. Adobe is bringing Photoshop to the web. Benjamin Rockwell on being careful on social media now and when job hunting. Tech Corner: The Mars spacecraft has been running on Windows 98 for 19 years. The Senate Intelligence Committee calls on the FTC to investigate TikTok for 'deception'. Some Google update announcements. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston provide an update on beating COVID via technology. MP3


June 29 In the news: How Google's password-less FIDO security system will work. The ZOOM app for Chromebooks is shutting down in August. The importance of Freedom of the Press. The reporting on the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs Wade. Amazon is developing Alexa to be conversational and to mimic anyone's voice. Are hidden cameras in vacation rentals, airbnb, hotels, and cruise ships legal? Benjamin Rockwell on shifting due to the world financial situation. The tech corner: Cheap Microsoft product keys sold separately - are they legal? Why we celebrate Independence Day. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Independence Day. MP3
June 22 In the News: Google says it is time to pay for G-Suite services. Adobe is releasing a free version of Photoshop. Meta (aka Facebook) is getting data about you from surprising places. Benjamin Rockwell on using multiple screens for a better workflow. Tech Corner: Record breaking Voyager spacecrafts launched 45 years ago. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the effectiveness of various home security devices. MP3
June 15 In the news: New York is the first state to pass a "Right to Repair" law for electronics. Revoking job offers is an increasingly common cost cutting strategy. The EU new requires all smartphones to have common charging port. A report says that Microsoft will require SSDs for new PCs. Google is merging Duo and Meet into a single video platform. Benjamin Rockwell discusses whether turning off Zoom cameras indicates a bad worker. The Tech Corner: Electronic equipment depreciation. The electric car is not ready for prime time, at least not for everyone. The three battery charging levels for Electric Vehicles. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Fathers Day. MP3
June 8 In the news: New York City's Master Plan for public Internet is on pause. How to recover deleted data on Solid State Drives. Sony says that smartphones will kill off DSLR camera within three years. U.S. takes the top spot in super-computing with the first exascale machine. Benjamin Rockwell on the various types of backups. The Tech Corner: What's your cost to work from home vs returning to the office. Layoffs of tech workers continue. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Klein Tools Hook and Loop Dispenser. MP3
June 1 In the News: Google Fiber was told to drop their speed, and reliability claims. Political bias in email SPAM filtering. All is not well in smartphone land. Inflation is generating fierce headwinds for many tech companies. Verizon customer bills are going up in June as the wireless carrier raises fees. Benjamin Rockwell discusses rapid fire complaints about IT. The Tech Corner: Intel's innovative solution to the substrate shortage. The DuckDuckGo browser allows Microsoft tracking. Scientists can now grow wood in a lab without cutting a single tree. The next generation in transistor technology. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the psychology of getting out from COVID lockdown. MP3


May 25 In the news: The Washington DC Attorney General sues Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Russia picks slow Chinese x86 CPU to replace Intel/AMD chips. Tech layoffs loom as companies announce cuts to workforces. Remote workers at risk of getting axed first in a tech downturn. Mystery issue on NASA's Voyager 1 probe from 1977. New York City will soon require businesses to post salaries in job listings. New York City removed the last working pay phone booth. Pentagon officials testify at the first public UFO hearing in over 50 years. Benjamin Rockwell on the downsides and experience of working from home. The Tech Corner: Americans want big phones rather than folding phones. Small cell phones are dead. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss microphones. MP3
May 18 In the News: after a 20-Year run, Apple has discontinued the iPod. A new study suggests hybrid work is here to stay. Cell phones in war zones are a very bad idea. SIM Swapping: how the latest cell phone hacking scam works. Intel goes big on a new type of processor. Viasat wants the FCC to conduct an environmental impact review for Starlink. Benjamin Rockwell on disaster recovery drills. The Google I/O 2022 announcements: Pixel Watch, Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel 7 series phones and a new Pixel Tablet. Also, new Chromebook features. There is a new interface for Google's Android Auto that shoudl work with any screen size. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss high-tech foam insulation. MP3
May 11 In the News: The Salton Sea could produce the world's greenest Lithium. A Lithium Metal solid state battery recharges 80 percent in 15 minutes. The Chinese government will dump Windows in favor of Linux. White House doubles down on affordable broadband. What have we learned about remote work after two years? Benjamin Rockwell on Zoom interviews and personal revelations. The Tech Corner: RISC-V the company. The differences between ARM UK and RISC-V. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the 512 Audio Limelight microphone. MP3
May 4 In the News: EU Commission sends statement of objections to Apple over practices regarding Apple Pay. Russia will pull out of the International Space Station. There is a new Comcast-Charter streaming joint venture. 64 percent of workers would consider quitting if they were required to return to an office full time. Remote work: be careful what you wish for. Benjamin Rockwell on work romances. The Tech Corner: Snap launches $229 flying camera called the Pixy. An overview of America's semiconductor industry. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston on Mothers Day. MP3


April 27 --
April 20 --
April 13 In the news: Google jumps in with iFixit repair kits. Foreign companies cost of doing business in China. Microsoft disrupts Russian cyber attacks. There is a delay of up to 18 months for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Benjamin Rockwell looks at how a manager reviews a remote worker. Tech Corner: Does unplugging appliances really save money? Video games are popular with adults over 50 years old. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the Zebra printer changing game. MP3
April 6 Elon Musk is now Twitter's largest shareholder. Apple's hardware subscription service could be a big deal. Newly Used Census records from 1950. Wyze did not disclose security camera line vulnerability for years. Google issues a warning for their Chrome browser. Russia will end its cooperation on the International Space Station. Motorola takes the number three US smartphone spot. Benjamin Rockwell on Business IT changes he sees coming. Tech Corner: The weakest link in a PC system is passwords. Samsung teams up with iFIXIT on the Right to Repair. Scientists have finally mapped the whole human genome. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss a fledging spruce multi-charger. MP3


March 30 In the news: Personal Computer pioneer John Roach passed away at 83. The FTC sues Intuit over supposedly "Free" TurboTax software. The COBOL Programming Language. Cord Cutting - goodbye cable, hello streaming. Bad apps caught hiding in the Google Play Store. ASML is the next bottle neck in chip manufacturing. Researchers suspect that a 16 year-old is the mastermind behind the Lapsu$ gang. Russia facing equipment shortage and IT personnel exodus. Benjamin Rockwell on physical and mental health while working from home. The Tech Corner: The Internet has changed the way military battles are fought. Lithium is a critical mineral in the supply chain. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss King Bee II microphone and explainer. MP3
March 23 In the news: Amazon Prime membership harder to cancel. German and US government warnings against using Kaspersky anti-virus. Samsung foundry's 4nm yield is reportedly very low. A hacker gang is helping Putin from the shadows. Counterfeit chips are a danger to national security. Benjamin Rockwell on building your brand on LinkedIn (part 3 of 3). Tech Corner: Is Windows 11 ready for primetime? Chip sanctions impact on Russia. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss SciFi technology and techno babble. MP3
March 16 In the news: DDR3 memory supplies are rapidly shrinking. Intel enabling ECC memory on selected consumer CPUs. Workers regret quitting their job during the great resignation. The impact of the Ukraine invasion on the International Space Station. After two years, office return to normalcy will not be the same. Upgrading system storage with SD/Micro SD cards. Benjamin Rockwell on Building Your Brand on LinkedIn (Part 2 of 3). The Tech Corner: Right to Repair - the repairability of computing equipment. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss a computer security game that shouldn't be. MP3
March 9 In the news: Amazon is closing all 68 of its Books, 4-Star, and Pop-Up stores. A new Ohio law is cracking down on robocalls. Backblaze reports that SSDs are as reliable as mechanical hard drives. Russia says NASA can use broomsticks to fly in space. An Internet backbone provider shuts off service in Russia. Benjamin Rockwell on building your brand on LinkedIn (Part 1 of 3). Tech Corner: The Hubble space telescope - 20 years of ground breaking discovery with ACS. Re-designing how CPUs are built. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss how zombie shipping containers are disrupting the economy. MP3
March 2 In the news: David Boggs, the co-inventor of Ethernet has died. Restrictions on high tech exports to Russia. Russian invasion fallout and the International Space Station. Ukraine's supply chain role in global semiconductor production. Computer chip industry begins halting deliveries to Russia. ARM China seizes IP, relaunch as independent company. Benjamin Rockwell on Software Volume Licensing. Tech Corner: Three Months and 700 steps to produce a computer chip. Intel High Performance computer - 1 exaFLOPS Ponte Vecchio. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss a Subaru accident that lead to a new car technology. MP3


February 23 In the news: Verizon FIOS has begun offering a Multi-Gigabit Internet speed in New York City. The FCC affordable broadband program is starting to make a dent. A key supplier of silicon wafer chips is sold out through 2026. The silicon wafer in the supply chain. The end of free Google storage for education. Apple will make Airtag improvements. Benjamin Rockwell on the posting of salary ranges in job ads. Tech Corner: a roundup of the major news in the semiconductor industry. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss COVID. MP3
February 16 In the news: The Nvidia-ARM deal is dead. Intel partners with RISC-V, investing $1B in Foundry Ecosystem Services. Chinese lithography firm rebukes ASML over patent infringement. IBM emails show millennial workers favored over "Dinobabies". Every employee who leaves Apple becomes an "Associate". Benjamin Rockwell says you need to become a tech leader. Tech Corner: Have we reached the limits of semiconductor technology? What is ISP throttling and what can you do about it? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Bosch Freak (Wrench and Driver). MP3
February 9 In the news: PayPal admits that 4.5 million accounts were illegitimate. GoFundMe gets heat on Canadian trucker freedom protest. New York City employers will be required to post the salary in job ads. Benjamin Rockwell on when to move consultant to full-time. The Tech Corner: Intel patent on multi-chip-module GPUs. COVID-19 pandemic disruption to the workforce. PROs and CONs of the Gig economy. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss medical items at CES 2022. MP3
February 2 In the news: A camera that can see through or around anything. Motorola wireless android auto dongle. Apple updates for MacOS 12.2 and iPadOS 15.4. Intel $1.2 Billion anti-trust fine overturned. Back to the Future with old music. Benjamin Rockwell has his 5th and last complaint for IT. Tech Corner: Made in China 2025 semiconductor self reliance plan. Why China's semiconductor industry remains behind. What is Wi-Fi 6E? Do you need it? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston reflect on CES 2022. MP3


January 26 In the News: Microsoft releases "WOKE" spellchecker. The IRS will require some taxpayers to sign up with ID.me. Get ready for FREE NextGen TV broadcasts. Google illegally used dark patterns in location tracking. Benjamin Rockwell has complaints for IT (part 4 of 5). The Tech Corner: The impact on the human body in space travel. Chipmakers cut corners to accelerate semiconductor production. Intel buys industry first next gen chipmaking tool. The semiconductor shortages and its consequences. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss the WeMax projector. MP3
January 19 In the News: Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion. The Firefox browser was failing to load websites. Norton anti-virus adds a crypto-miner and takes a cut of any earnings. Micron 176-Layer QLC SSD. Google and Facebook CEOs signed off on an allegedly illegal ad deal. IRS targets payment transactions over $600. Canon shuts down major camera factory. Japan's top selling cameras in 2021. The semiconductor shortage affects Canon toner cartridges. Benjamin Rockwell has complaints for IT (Part 3 of 5). Tech Corner: A full function, completely free tax preparation program. LibreOffice v7.3 adds two new languages Klingon and Interslavic. Mozilla to track Facebook tracking you. Cyber criminals are mailing out USB flash drives containing malware for Windows. MP3
January 12 In the News: Sonos wins patent lawsuit against Google. Fire at ASML, a vital semiconductor equipment plant. Intuit opts out of participating in the IRS free file program. 400,000 sound and music recordings are now in the public domain. Benjamin Rockwell has complaints for IT (Part 2 of 5). Tech Corner: What is a Windows portable application? How to create your own windows to go. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston chat about Star Trek fun and ideas. MP3
January 5 In the news: There is a Cold War! It is not military arms but semiconductor chips. More people are using Android apps on Chromebooks. VIA to cease chip development. FCC program helps pay for the Internet. Benjamin Rockwell has complaints for IT (Part 1 of 5). Tech Corner: The James Webb space telescope: Hunky-Dory. DuckDuckGo previews desktop web browser. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss switching from AT&T to T-Mobile and take a first look at different products. MP3


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December 29 In the news: The fragile infrastructure of Cloud computing and the Amazon Web Services outages. Managing your email messages and its storage space. Organizers of CES 2022 say the show is still on. Previews of the upcoming 2022 Consumer Electronic Show. Benjamin Rockwell on how backups and redundancies are good things. Tech Corner: a year-end wrap-up of technology highlights in 2021. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston chat about New Year Resolutions. MP3
December 22 In the news: The James Webb Space Telescope plans to launch on Christmas Eve. There is a new massive security flaw, what can you do? NOTHING! The International Trade Commission bans the import of Roku products. Intel again warns of the chip shortage continuing until 2023. Satellite Internet service in the digital divide. LastPass is becoming an independent company. T-Mobile has a new rule on SIM Swaps. Benjamin Rockwell on the importance of Certifications (its low). Tech Corner: How secure is a Chromebook after it stops getting updates? Is it legal to resell Playstation used games? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston chat about stopping the disease vectors. MP3
December 15 In the news: China doubles down on building chip supply chain. A breakthrough in semiconductor chip design. A fix for slow nvme ssd speeds in Windows 11. Verizon may have just enrolled you in a data-collection scheme. Intel warns the chip shortage will worsen if the US bans imports of compound. RIP Alexa Internet (from Amazon). Benjamin Rockwell on home vs business backups. Tech Corner: how to guard against smishing attacks on your phone. Data the FBI can get from social media messaging apps. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss Facebook faltering. MP3
December 8 In the news: Windows 11 is significantly slowing down some NVMe SSD/s. Google TV adds over 300 free channels to its live tab with Pluto TV. Apple tells suppliers iPhone demand has slowed down. California's New Math framework. The Webb telescope is not damaged following a mounting incident. Are you still paying for Anti Virus software? Benjamin Rockwell on Automation and Macros revisited. Tech Corner: What is the KISS principle? Canon image sensors take high quality color pictures in the dark. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss two factor authentication. MP3
December 1 In the news: 3G technology phase out. AT&T and Verizon propose limits to 5G. The Firefox password manager app is shutting down. DuckDuckGo tool prevents apps from tracking Android users. Windows 11 forces the use of Microsoft's Edge browser. Semiconductor chips will get more expensive. The truck driver shortage goes beyond hiring. Benjamin Rockwell on the use of off-site data storage. Tech Corner: Christmas is at risk as the supply chain only gets worse. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston chatter about assorted products. MP3


November 24 In the news: More employers are secretly monitoring their employees. Samsung will build a chip making plant in Taylor, Texas. When will the supply chain return to normal? How Cobalt-free batteries will bring down the cost of electric vehicles. Benjamin Rockwell discusses having basic information ready for IT support. Tech Corner: What is the Right to Repair movement. Apple and the Right to Repair movement. Technology Chatter with Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston: Cruising on a Chromebook. MP3
November 17 In the news: The new Windows 11SE is a Chromebook competitor from Microsoft. The chip shortage in older process technology. Shortages in the chip industry are not transitory. Carbon emissions in the global chip industry. Benjamin Rockwell answers a question from Mindy about printers for home vs business. Tech Corner: The Earth has a second moon - a quasi asteroid moon. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston call out cryptocurrency. MP3
November 10 In the news: U.S. arrests a REvil ransomware hacker. Intel pays VIA $125 million to recruit VIA employees. Yahoo pulls out of China for good. Will Microsoft force you to download Windows 11? The Chromebook is now prime time. Benjamin Rockwell on his past experience with employee monitoring. Tech Corner: now that cars are going electric, what will happen to the used batteries? Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston talks about miscellaneous products. MP3
November 3 News: Squid Game cryptocurrency scam. Avast created a list of 151 scams. Microsoft Defender for Windows is getting a massive overhaul. Can you play Minecraft: Education Edition on a Chromebook? Facebook plans to shut down facial recognition system. Facebook's new name is Meta Platforms, Inc. John Carmack, Oculus co-founder, warning for Metaverse plan. Benjamin Rockwell on his third difficult task: admitting you need help. Tech Corner: Chromebook sales are plummeting ahead of Black Friday. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston chat on crowd funding. MP3


October 27 In the News: The FCC revokes China Telecom's ability to offer services in the US. Amazon impersonators stole $27 million in a year. Micron is considering a new US memory chip factory. Verizon is not ready to exit the cable TV business. The Amazon Echo is most intrusive, collecting 37 data points. Mozilla blocks malicious add-ons installed by Firefox users. T-Mobile delays the shutdown of the Sprint 3G network. Benjamin Rockwell on another difficult task: admitting you do not know it all. Tech Corner: Facebook and the Metaverse. What affects the life of the battery in your equipment. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss ear buds into microphone choices. MP3
October 20 News: Lawmakers say amazon misled congress. AllBlock, an Ad Blocking extension for Chrome and Opera, is ad injecting. The Great Resignation and IT professionals. Is China controlling the global semiconductor industry? Benjamin Rockwell on one of three most difficult tasks - admitting a mistake. Tech Corner: Destroying information on a disk drive. Technology chatter with Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston: Miscellaneous Products. MP3
October 13 News: Microsoft offers TPM 2.0 bypass to install Windows 11 on previously unsupported PCs. Windows 11 issues mounting, networking software may slow down Internet speeds. The Raspberry Pi gets a new official website for all hardware and software related topics. Ukrainian police have reportedly arrested two members of a ransomware gang. Why this Facebook scandal is different. Op-Ed by Joe King on the Facebook scandal. Facebook bans the developer behind the Unfollow Everything tool. Benjamin Rockwell revisits employee monitoring. Tech Corner: Why can't we just ramp up semiconductor production. Who are the leading semiconductor companies. Technology chatter of Hits and Misses with Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston: The Grill story. MP3
October 6 In the News: The Facebook six-hour outage on Monday was due to a faulty configuration change. Facebook whistleblower says company chose profit over public safety. Solid State Drives are fast, but how reliable are they? Ransomware gangs are complaining that other crooks are stealing their ransoms. Prices are surging for copper and copper clad laminates used in printed circuit boards. About the demand for personal computer systems in 2021. Suppliers halt production in China due to mandated power shutdowns. Benjamin Rockwell on ageism continued with more benefits of seniors. Tech corner: VPN provider sued for no log policy to remain untraceable. Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston discuss hits and misses in technology. MP3


September 29 In the News: Apple releases iOS 12.5.5 with bug fixes for older iPhones and iPads. iOS 15 brings FaceTime to Android. Is a VPN safe to use? Comments on VPNs by Joe King. Feds considering to act on the chip shortage. EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones. Benjamin Rockwell has some ageism ponderings. From the Tech Corner: the computer chip industry and Catch 22. Technology chatter of hits and misses - with Benjamin Rockwell and Marty Winston. Miscellaneous products. MP3
September 22 In the News: AMD computers affected by new CPU driver flaw. Amazon permanently bans 600 Chinese brands. WhatsApp moderators can read your messages. Apple confirms embarrassing MacBook Pro design problems. Microsoft doubles down on TPM 2.0 for Windows 11. Microsoft will not support Windows 11 on M1 Macs. Benjamin Rockwell on SSA and Government spying on employees. Tech Corner: using a portable hotspot Internet router as an alternative option. OpEd by Benjamin Rockwell: technology detection of COVID could be a freedom thief. MP3
September 15 In the News: Mars Rover collected its first samples. What's next? AI systems cannot be recognized as patent inventors. Twenty Four percent plan on spending more on their phone due to COVID-19. Can Apple reduce its dependence on China? Malicious lightning cable can record and transmit data a mile away. Benjamin Rockwell on farewell emails and leaving with style. Tech Corner: COVID 19 and the acceleration of abrupt changes. The Great Resignation. Employers are rejecting millions of qualified workers. Forty Three percent of college graduates are underemployed in their first job. Student loan debt of $1.73 trillion is rapidly rising. MP3
September 8 In the News: Judge grants an injunction against TV streaming app Locast. Apple hits pause on their controversial CSAM detection feature. Amazon is reportedly making their own televisions. Windows 11 - Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away. Are we prepared for an Internet apocalypse caused by the sun? Benjamin Rockwell: Hospitals with better IT have fewer deaths. From the Tech Corner: IBM Mainframe applications are not going away. China's semiconductor manufacturing foundry to challenge Taiwan Semiconductor. Returning to work in an office. MP3
September 1 News: Microsoft will release Windows 11 on October 5th. SIM-swap scam. The FBI warns about "Ransomware Affiliate". The James Webb Space Telescope is ready for launch. Benjamin Rockwell: from StudyFinds.org - most want to work from home. Tech Corner: The Tech industry is at a crunch point in time. Why is there a chip shortage? The pandemic accelerated an already precarious situation for chipmakers. Intel and IBM said the chip shortage could extend into 2023. The problem now is assembling wafers into integrated circuits. Taiwan Semiconductor is hiking chip prices up to 20 percent. TSMC holds the keys to resolving the global chip shortage. The Japanese semiconductor industry that once dominated the world in peril. MP3


August 25 In the news: A Chinese firm was behind the purchase of the UK's largest chip plant. The FTC has refiled its antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. The chip shortage causes Toyota to cut global production by 40 percent. Microsoft announces a price increase for both Office 365 and Microsoft 365. Intel chip strategy and TSMC partnership. The latest T-Mobile data breach affects over 40 million people. Taiwan's TSMC will ship pieces of its new US plant via cargo freight. Norton and Avast merge to form a Super-Cybersecurity company. Benjamin Rockwell on company mergers and IT. Tech Corner: The tale of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. Unplug these appliances that hike up your electricity bill. MP3
August 18 News: Hackers return $600 million they stole in one of the biggest crypto heists. Cyber attackers threatened to release gigabyte hacked documents. Google rolls out "Pay Calculator" work-from-home salary cuts. An update on the controversy over Apple CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Materials). Half of US Hospitals shut down networks due to ransomware. Apple orders account for over 20 percent of TSMC total revenue. Benjamin Rockwell on the most critical information tech in companies. Tech Corner: An update on the Semi Conductor shortage. What is the Global Navigation Satellite System? MP3
August 11 News: Apple built a 'Backdoor' into the iPhone. Shipping crises is adding to the shortages of electronic components. Government tells workers and contractors: beware of public Wi-Fi. Google ending Gmail Sign-In support for older Android phones in September. Benjamin Rockwell on Shadow IT and returning to the office. Tech Corner: A DuckDuckGo feature strips trackers from Email. Firefox has lost 46 million users over last three years. MP3
August 4 An anniversary: August 4, 1983 was the first broadcast of the Personal Computer Show. News: Almost 40 percent of smart phone owners turn off 5G. Certain states power regulations ban Dell from shipping power-hungry Alienware PCs. Apple constraints on the supply of the iPhone 13. Chromebooks dominate the worldwide PC market. Intel warns of a two-year chip shortage. The chip shortage will get worse before it gets better. Benjamin Rockwell on important IT experience factors in hiring. Tech Corner: Is the desktop PC market dead? Faster Solid State Drives based on PCIe 5.0. MP3


July 28 News: Google issues a warning to Chrome browser users of serious zero day exploit. A missing ampersand locked out some Chromebooks. The business of subscription malware is getting bigger, more dangerous, and it's dirt cheap. Government watchdog says the minimum broadband speeds are too low. The failure of China's microchip giant. China is responsible for the Microsoft Exchange email hack. Google's Cloud division lost $5.61 Billion in calendar year 2020. Galileo Project - research on existence of UFOs and alien civilizations. IT Pro Series: the impact of chip shortages on Information Technology. Tech Corner: Cutting the cord on traditional Cable or Satellite TV. Researchers develop an Arm microprocessor built out of plastic. MP3
July 21 News: First space flight with an all civilian crew. Intuit will no longer be a part of the IRS Free File program. The Hubble space telescope has a new lease on life. The FCC will remove Huawei, and ZTE Equipment in US. Microsoft to offer cloud based Windows 365 starting on August 2nd. Apple is cracking down on remote work from home. Barely anyone is using mmwave 5G in the U.S. Google admits employees listen in on Google Assistant. Benjamin Rockwell on what he dreads in Information Technology. Tech Corner: The chip shortage will get worse before it gets better. MP3
July 14 36 states and D.C. accuse Google of violating Anti-Trust laws. Do NOT install ChromeOS version 91.04472.147 on a Chromebook. Microsoft issues yet another urgent security warning. Some AMD laptops reduce performance for better battery life. Google remote work policies. Google Search Engine with finger on the scale. Benjamin Rockwell warns not to share passwords. Tech Corner: What is computer preventive maintenance? Minecraft is R-rated in South Korea. MP3
July 7 A ransomware attack has ensnared hundreds of companies. There are concerns that the Audacity open source audio editor may become spyware. As a result, the Audacity owner will revise their privacy policy. Advertisers are selling Americans' data to shady businesses abroad. Western Digital My Book NAS devices, that are connected to the Internet, are being remotely wiped clean. Cord cutting with PlutoTV offering a free streaming service. Benjamin Rockwell on the impact of social media on employment. Tech Corner: What is TPM 2.0? The Microsoft Windows 11 insider preview build. The Amazon App Store vs the Google Play Store. MP3


June 30 News: John McAfee died hours after spanish court authorized extradition. Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements. Windows 11 requires use of TPM 2.0 chip. Differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows 11 Frequently Asked Questions. Benjamin Rockwell on ranking People, Info, Infotech. Tech Corner: The Pentagon's UFO report to Congress. MP3
June 23 News: Drought-stricken communities push back against data centers. Gaming is a serious $159 billion industry. Texas power companies are remotely raising temperatures on residents' smart thermostats. Sixty Five percent of Americans have a smart home device. What happened to curved TVs? Benjamin Rockwell on staying out of work politics. Tech Corner: Should you buy refurbished electronics? Winners and losers of the work-from-home revolution. MP3
June 16 Google makes Workspace free for everyone. A federal judge puts on hold the New York State law creating $15-a-month Internet. Verizon expands return policy to 30 days. Apple's tightly controlled app store is teeming with scams. Apple admits why its own files app was ranked first. JBS says it paid an $11 million ransom after they were hit with a cyberattack. Nikon to end camera production in Japan. eBay and PayPal finally break up for good. Benjamin Rockwell on a a lifetime of learning. The Tech Corner: Amazon Prime Day will be two days, June 21st and 22nd. ATT donates $2 billion to help bridge the digital divide. MP3
June 9 The forensic tracking of a Bitcoin ransom payment. The criminals thought their devices were secure, but the seller was the FBI. Microsoft to unveil a new version of Windows on June 24th. Amazon's new Sidewalk feature will share your Internet connection with neighbors. A new study backs the finding that magsafe can interfere with medical devices. Benjamin Rockwell on concerns before learning to code. Hank discusses the breach of the MTA by bad guys as cyberattacks surge. MP3
June 2 India based firm Cloudgen pleads guilty to H1B fraud. Backup company Exagrid pays $2.6 million to Conti ransomware attackers. macOS has a huge malware problem. Fifty percent of streamers have switched to free services. Benjamin Rockwell on how not anyone can learn to code. Hank Kee on how Darkside got unexpected help from Bitdefender in attacking the Colonial Pipeline. Also, Hank on the ransomware hunting team. MP3


May 26 Chip shortages are driving up tech prices. Hackers can use smart plugs to break into home networks. Apple Exec calls macOS malware levels unacceptable. TV providers report the loss of 1.9 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2021. Apple named in federal anti trust lawsuit. Broadcasters case against locast. Microsoft warns of fake ransomware StrRAT. Google Assistant to power off Android phones. Google IO developers' conference announcements. Benjamin Rockwell on Certifications and Training. Hank Kee discusses the bizarre story of the inventor of Ransomware. Hank also asks if there is honor among thieves and discusses the Windows 10 built-in ransomware protection. MP3
May 19 Colonial Pipeline - Darkside hacker group says it is shutting down. ATT and Discovery in a mega media merger. First Amendment case – the government made Twitter silence political speech. Reminder - the unlimited free uploads offered by Google Photos ends on June 1st. Robocalls from southeast energy consultants. Chinese products get pulled from Amazon. ISP not following the spirit of the emergency broadband benefit program with $50 off monthly bill. Benjamin Rockwell on the post COVID return to office - part 6. Darkside ransomware platform - SAAS. MP3
May 12 The Colonial Pipeline was subjected to a highly sophisticated cyber attack. The FTC recommends to Congress ways to expand consumers' repair options. Microsoft shelves the upcoming Windows 10x operating system. New federal effort expected to help disconnect most robocallers. Benjamin Rockwell on the post COVID return to the office - Part 5. Hank Kee discusses how the chip shortage is making cars more expensive and he tries to pin point where the digital divide exists. Marty Winston goes into the sunset. MP3
May 5 Michael Collins - Apollo 11 historic lunar mission. New York State requires ISPs to offer broadband Internet access for $15/month. FCC website for $50/month broadband subsidies. Verizon sells both Yahoo! and AOL. T-Mobile will retire Wi-Fi calling on select devices on May 31st. A Windows 10 update will finally remove the Adobe Flash player in July. Verizon loses both cable and phone subscribers but gains Internet customers. Microsoft support for the Python Software Foundation. Benjamin Rockwell on the post COVID Return to the Office - Part 4. Hank Kee on how the Cable Television business is changing and which Operating System is the most secure? Marty Winston on an autonomous surface disinfection robot. MP3


April 28 The Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of scam artists and dishonest corporations. Chip shortages and the blame game. Linux bans the University of Minnesota for committing malicious code. NYC MTA ends subway camera test over supplier's link to China. Benjamin Rockwell on the post COVID return to offices (Part 3). Hank Kee on Apple's Spring 2021 announcements. Also, Intel reset for Windows-ARM architecture and Intel to invest $20 Billion on new plants in the United States. Marty Winston on stewed salaries. MP3
April 21 Adobe's Charles "Chuck" Geschke passed away. Google's "Federated Learning of Cohorts" (FLOC) is an alternative to third party tracking. New York mandates $15/month Internet for low-income households. Are business websites subject to ADA regulations? New technologies in Digital Photography. Benjamin Rockwell on the post-COVID return to an office - Part 2. Hank Kee on the semiconductor chip shortage. Marty Winston on the Ins and Outs of air quality. MP3
April 14 Ransomware attacks on public schools. The IBM spinoff formerly known as NewCo, now has a new name. IBM creates a COBOL compiler for Linux on x86. Hackers are using a website's Contact Us forms to Deliver IcedID malware. AT&T lobbies against nationwide fiber. Benjamin Rockwell on the Post COVID return to offices. Hank discusses the gaps in the Digital Divide. Marty Winston on Surface changes. MP3
April 7 LG is leaving the smartphone business. There is a critical vulnerability affecting bluetooth-enabled cameras. A new Windows 10 Update could fix the problem with drivers. Selfies have Become a mainstay of Popular Culture. Google wins the Java dispute with a Supreme Court ruling but Oracle remains defiant. IBM brings a Quantum computer to market. Hard Disk Drive new technology. Benjamin Rockwell on Applicant Tracking System adtl. Hank on how Mainframe computing is still with us, mainframe computers are alive and thriving. Marty Winston connects the Dots from Flicker to Liquor. MP3


March 31 Radio Shack is rising from the ashes of bankruptcy . . . again. Stanford University is offering a free online learning to code course. The FCC wants the public to report on ISP coverage and speed. Sophisticated hacking program discovered to be a western operative government. Benjamin Rockwell on self sufficient at tech for work. Hank Kee discusses World Backup Day and taking better quality photos with a smart phone. Marty Winston discusses Spring Cleaning. MP3
March 24 The IRS changed the April 15th tax filing deadline to May 17th. T-Mobile and Dish go to battle over CDMA support for mobile boost. T-Mobile customers are getting a free Pandora app that features Sirius XM content. Cable TV subscribers are not cord cutting, just switching the cord. New technology developments in the hard disk drive. Benjamin Rockwell on the upsides of Tech in Business for Us. Hank Kee discusses if there is a best programming language, what will working in an office be like after the pandemic. Marty Winston discusses meeting cheating. MP3
March 17 Apple Drops both HomePod and the iMac Pro from their product line. Apple Cuts Production of the iPhone 12 Mini by 70 percent. Apple Will Randomize Mac Serial Numbers. Apple M1 users are experiencing Excessive SSD Write Usage. Gamers are scooping Up Old CRT TVs. This Linux installed base is greater than all other Linux Distros combined. Benjamin Rockwell on the downsides of Tech in Business. Hank Kee says that UHF Television Channel 37 Does Not Exist. Marty Winston on Coronavirus Chemical Warfare. MP3
March 10 Best Buy is, and has been, closing some retail stores. Comcast is hiding Internet upload speeds. T-Mobile tells consumers to Turn Off 5G to preserve battery life Benjamin Rockwell has questions on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Hank Kee interviews Jerry Foster, the CTO and Founder of Plex Systems. Hank also discusses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manufacturing and tte Universal Storage Media. Marty Winston on Generator Power MP3
March 3 Fry's Electronics is going out of business. Verizon tells consumers to turn off 5G to preserve battery life. T-Mobile data breach. Microsoft is removing the Windows 10 "3D objects" folder. The FCC approves a $50 monthly high-speed Internet subsidy. Microsoft servicing stack update (SSU) to prevent windows 10 updates from failing. $650m Facebook privacy lawsuit settlement. Benjamin Rockwell on applicant tracking system. Hank Kee asks if 5g will ever live up to the hype? Hank also discusses the trend in desktop operating systems and that NASA sent a secret message to Mars. Marty Winston on Bye-Bye Buying. MP3


February 24 The free subscription for Lastpass has changed, now offered with new restrictions. Millions of Americans can not get broadband because of a faulty FCC map. A hugely popular file-sharing android app has glaring security flaws. New malware found on 30,000 macs. Chrome will soon no longer function on older CPUs. The Rust programming language Foundation. Benjamin Rockwell on Youth as surrogate for official IT Support. Hank Kee on Big Tech and Federal Anti Trust. Marty Winston offers a UVC Primer. MP3
February 17 NEWS: Maryland is the first state in the country to tax Big Tech's digital advertising revenue. Microsoft Excel becomes a proper programming language. Robo calls and scam calls persist during the pandemic. Lots of cores vs. a faster CPU clock speed. FEATURES: Benjamin Rockwell on Workday CEO and working from home. TECH CORNER: Hank Kee on whether you should charge your smartphone overnight. Also, COBOL is not a dead programming language. Marty Winston on generator power. MP3
February 10 iPhone Adult Filter Excludes "Asian". Google Fit can measure heart and respiratory rate. Comcast delays raising of data usage rates. Microsoft Windows 10 "Cloud". College Proctoring of remote On-Line testing is under review. Benjamin Rockwell on shadow IT downsides and concerns. Hank Kee on ransomware victims not reporting attacks. Also, Intel regains desktop market share. Marty Winston on Coronavirus self-defense class. MP3
February 3 Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO. 2020 was the best year ever for Chromebook sales. There is a Work from Home Income Tax dispute between states. Credit Karma is a Tax Preparation app that is entirely free. Use of messaging apps Signal and Telegram surges. Benjamin Rockwell on Shadow IT in a COVID world. Hank Kee on the Facebook oversight board. Marty Winston on troubleshooting. MP3


January 27 The Apple iPhone 12 Can Deactivate a Defibrillator. The FCC sticks with the 6-Year-Old broadband speed standard of 25Mbps/down and 3Mbps/up. Americans are balking at buying Smart Home devices. Benjamin Rockwell on incremental improvements. Hank Kee on: how often you should reboot your computer, the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart Home, the Smart Refrigerator is an extreme example of a smart device looking for a need and the 75th anniversary of ENIAC, the first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer. Marty Winston on enjoying the camera on the dashboard when there is no crash. MP3
January 20 Intel replaced CEO Bob Swan. Costco is shuttering all remaining in-store photo departments in Canada, US by February 14th. What is Signal? The basics of the most secure messaging app. Microsoft to fix Windows 10 bug that can corrupt a hard drive. Benjamin Rockwell on guest access to a network. The Tech corner: What is Low Earth Orbit Internet service? Space has become a junkyard, and it's getting worse. Coronavirus ineffective tech hall of shame. MP3
January 13 WhatsApp Tells Users to Share their data with Facebook Or they will delete Your Account. Nearly 30 percent of working professionals would quit if they had to return to an office after the pandemic. Anti-Secrecy Activists Publish a Trove of Ransomware Victims' Data. Ticketmaster admits it hacked rival company before it went out of business. Verizon puts 3G shutdown plans on hold indefinitely. AMD overtakes Intel in desktop CPU market share for the first time in 15 years. Benjamin Rockwell offers guidance for choosing IT jobs. Hank Kee on Google's controversial Plan To Kill Third-Party Cookies in their Chrome web browser. Hank also discusses when to Replace a mechanical hard disk drive or an SSD. Marty Winston on Getting Water out of its Shell. MP3
January 6 What Free Streaming Services are available to Cord Cutters. T-Mobile Data Breach Exposed Phone Numbers and Call Records. The FCC Orders Phone Companies to Help Trace Illegal Robo Callers. Benjamin Rockwell on concerns about Sneakernet repairs in a Covid-19 world. Hank Kee on the Hype regarding 5G Smartphones in 2020, assorted tech that rode off into the sunset in 2020 and Windows 7 is Still with Us. What Will Happen to All Those Medical Devices? Marty Winston asks if UVC is a color you cannot see, why is it a gold rush? MP3


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December 30 Steve Wozniak's Apple Auction. Finally, Adobe Flash has been retired. FAA issues Long-Awaited Rules for Drones. American Airlines resumes Boeing 737 Max flights. Benjamin Rockwell on cleaning Server Rooms and Computers. Hank Kee discusses a Turning Point in the Digital Revolution and developing a Backup and Recovery Strategy. Marty Winston on turning 21. MP3
December 23 Windows 10 20H2 Update, on some computers, damages the SSD file system if you run ChkDsk. Cable companies can no longer "RENT" you the router you already own. Google Officially Announces Android Auto closed testing Apps. Google buys a company that turns old Windows PCs into Chrome OS machines. Nikon is closing camera manufacturing in Japan. SSD Prices Set to Drop in the first quarter due to an oversupply of 3D NAND. Benjamin Rockwell on working in the same household. Hank Kee on putting All Your Digital Services in One Basket. Also, Flash Memory Card specifications. Marty Winston discusses gifts. MP3
December 16 Oracle is the latest Company to leave California. IBM squeezes 16,000 write-erase cycles from QLC flash. Caveat Emptor, Solid State Makers swap parts without telling us. Benjamin Rockwell on volume License Agreements. Hank Kee on cables: there Are Cables and There Are Cables, Now We Have USB-C. Also, Hank discusses how Solid State Devices work. Marty Winston on snow belts. MP3
December 9 Tesla is Moving to Houston, Texas. Hewlett Packard Enterprise also prepares to move its HQ to Houston. US Labor Board Alleges Google Illegally Spied on Workers Before Firing them. Microsoft Apologizes for a Feature Criticized as Workplace Surveillance. Apple Offers a free Fix for iPhone 11 Devices That No longer Respond to Touch. Showtime Launches a free Pluto TV Channel. HBO Max Owner Reportedly Plans to Launch Two More Streaming Services, but with Ads. Benjamin Rockwell on Employee Surveillance Programs. Hank Kee discusses: suggested Stocking Stuffers for the Computer Nerds, Making a List and Checking It Twice for Last Minute Christmas Gifts and asks What Will Replace NAND Flash Memory? Marty Winston on Photon Emitters. MP3
December 2 Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk. Microsoft Productivity Score Workplace Surveillance Feature. Unannounced Changes in Android Auto. Apple-1 with Original Box, Signed by Steve Wozniak put up for auction. Benjamin Rockwell on Ageism in the Workplace. Hank Kee on speeding up Windows 10, on Visual Voice Mail, on the dangers of Using the Same Password for multiple accounts and on misleading advertisements by Samsung. Marty Winston on Benchware. MP3


November 25 There is 5G and then there is 5G for the Average Consumer. Tesla and eMMC Memory Failures. Arecibo Dish to be demolished. Benjamin Rockwell on OEM vs 3rd Party Ink and Toner. Hank Kee discusses the rise of Employee Surveillance Software and suggests turning off Google Gmail Tracking Home Automation. Marty Winston on Wishbones, Final Thoughts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be a Passing Memory. Joe King with his Thanksgiving thoughts. Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parades from the Past. MP3
November 18 Microsoft will force users of Windows 10 service pack 1903 to update, whether they like it or not. The FCC Waives 30 Days Notice on Channel Blank Out. Google Storage Will End Free Unlimited Storage on June 1, 2021. Deutsche Bank Says Employees Working from Home Should Pay a "Privilege tax". The search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Arecibo Observatory Dish Damaged Again, beyond repair this time. Benjamin Rockwell on 5S Made Simple. Hank Kee ponders how Cost Effective is Your Internet Service. Hank also reports on Google Building their own CPU chips. Marty Winston will put UVC Next to Me. MP3
November 11 Microsoft may have dropped support for Office 2010, but there are alternatives. Older Android phones won't support many secure websites by September 2021. Windows 10 upgrades blocked over Intel Thunderbolt 'DMA violation'. TV providers on track to lose around 5 million subscribers in 2020. Benjamin Rockwell on Tech Training in a COVID19 world. Hank Kee explains Thunderbolt and compares Solid State Drives to SD Flash Card Memory to USB Flash Drive Storage. Marty Winston offers a Geek Salute to Service. MP3
November 4 Better Internet in Rural Areas Would Attract New working from home. Impact of Cord Cutting on Cable Operators. Raspberry Pi 400. Benjamin Rockwell on Data Piracy is Still Hard Even working from home. Hank Kee discusses an Alternative to Zoom Teleconferencing, extending the use of Systems with 32/64 GB eMMC Memory and Caveat Emptor - Computer Equipment Reviews. Marty Winston is Dazed and Glazed for the Holidays. MP3


October 28 The US accuses Google of being an illegal monopoly. Amazon is paying for Non Amazon Purchase Data. Nokia blocks Lenovo from selling any laptops. T-Mobile TVision. Benjamin Rockwell on coding and Programming. Hank Kee on running Multiple Versions of Microsoft Office, on a Microsoft Survey that showed people believe companies bear the responsibility for protecting Data Privacy - not the Government, on the Communications Decency Act Section 230 and on Black Friday Sneak Peeks. Marty Winston on Tech or Treat. MP3
October 21 Stricter rules to tighten H1-B Visa for high-skilled foreign workers. iPhone Survey and the iPhone 12 Announcements. Yahoo Announces Shutdown Of Social Platform Yahoo Groups. Microsoft Forcing Installation of Microsoft Web based Programs. US Indicts Sandworm, Russia's Most Destructive Cyberwar Unit. Benjamin Rockwell on IBM splitting into two companies. Hank Kee on IBM's Spin-Off plans and on Smart Phone Apps for GPS Car Navigation. Marty Winston on Splash Tech. MP3
October 14 IBM will split into two companies. Google G Suite was renamed to Google Workspace. Stricter Rules for H1B Hires. Benjamin Rockwell on backing up to the Cloud - Not Reliable or Fully Safe. Hank Kee on the Culture at Big Blue (IBM) - Yesterday and Today. Marty Winston on the Bloom In Lumens. MP3
October 7 Phone Services Can Not Charge for the New Required Robocall-Fighting Tools. Google Extends Unlimited Minutes for Free Google Meet Account. Windows 10 Will Alert User When SSD Life Cycle is Soon to End. Benjamin Rockwell on External Threats to the Company. Hank Kee on the State of Solid State Drive Technology and how Telehealth/Telemedicine May Be Permanent After Covid-19. Marty Winston on Messes. MP3


September 30 Major Hospital Chain UHS Hit with Massive Cyber Attack. Most Americans Think Big Tech is Spying on Them. Google Meet Sets 60 Minute Limit with Free Plan. Microsoft Meet will be integrated into the next Windows 10 Update. Benjamin Rockwell on why IT Pro Work is a 25 by 8 Service. Hank Kee on Quantum Computing and the Longevity Of Craigslist. Marty Winston on Peripheral Roles. MP3
September 23 IBM Did Discriminate Against Older Workers in Layoffs. Your Weather App Is Selling You Out. Firefox Send and Firefox Notes Decommisioned, Use File.Pizza. Phones for Low-Income Users Hacked Before They're Turned On. Benjamin Rockwell on Insider Threats to The Company. Hank Kee discusses Microsoft's Underwater Data Center that resurfaced After Two Years. Marty Winston on No Wonderland. MP3
September 16 Covid-19 Internet Speeds. The pandemic Is Taking a Heavy Toll on Our Mental Health. In the future, separating Support for Chrome OS and Chrome the Browser. Dozens of Amazon's own products have been reported as dangerous. The cable-box competition rules have been completely dismantled. Benjamin Rockwell on miscellaneous Network Definitions. Hank Kee on the latest security issue with Bluetooth, and, why U.S. banks and tech firms have no need of H1B Visa talent. Marty Winston on Stage Craftiness. MP3
September 9 There May Be a Privacy Issue with Amazon Alexa for Landlords. Cable TV Channels and 4K with an antenna. Working Remotely in the Pandemic May Generate a Tax Surprise. Seven Years Later, Court Finally Finds Illegal NSA Spying Program to Have Been Illegal. Benjamin Rockwell on Remote Management and Monitoring. Hank Kee on Google Maps adding traffic lights, Google Releasing an update to Android Auto and how the H1B Program Needs an Overhaul. Marty Winston on what wiring teaches us about plumbing. MP3
September 2 The Internet Broke Down Again. Courts Hold Amazon for Faulty Products. Connecting the Computer to Your Brain. There is a Global Laptop Shortage. New Apple Support Scam on the Rise. Benjamin Rockwell on tech and other issues upon returning to an office. Hank Kee on: Cord Cutting - getting Local News and Weather via the Internet; troubleshooting test equipment, a first look at the Triplett model 200; finding space for a home office in the home. Marty Winston on how not to be afraid of test gear. MP3


August 26 FCC asks for more public input on whether to let Charter impose data caps. FCC reopens docket after court ruled Charter can charge for network connections. The Federal Communications Commission is taking another round of public comments on Charter's petition seeking permission to impose data caps on broadband users and charge network-interconnection fees to online-video providers, following a court ruling that may complicate the FCC's decision. The deadline for comments on Charter's petition passed on August 6. But in a public notice issued, the FCC said it is opening an additional comment period that will last until September 2, giving people time to weigh in on the impact of the court ruling. You have till September 2nd to send in your input as to whether you agree or disagree with letting Charter impose data caps. Time to provide feedback is short dated. Instead of sending in your written comments, you can go straight to the website to submit your feedback. Comments may be filed electronically by accessing ECFS apps.fcc.gov/ecfs. Thus far, there are more than 1,500 filings, mostly from consumers who object to data caps.
There was a Zoom outage, what is a plan B alternative to Zoom? Chinese made smartphones are secretly stealing money. RAM and SSD prices will soon plummet due to oversupply and weak demand. Benjamin Rockwell: IT Professionals do more than just the nerd. Joe King on standardization. Hank Kee explains Cloud Computing and how the Cloud Works. The facts about the H1-B Program. Marty Winston on Keeping your sockets out of your pockets.
August 19 The Legal Case Against Qualcomm. New Features in Android 11. Benjamin Rockwell on the demise of documentation. Joe King from 5400 Feet Above Sea Level. A Toshiba Post Mortem. There are Cables and There are Cables. Hank Kee asks if Tik Tok can be trusted? Smart Locks Can Be Easily Opened with just knowing the Ethernet MAC Address. Marty Winston on Getting Out of and Back Into Hot Water. MP3
August 12 Frances Allen, A M Turing Award Recipient, Passed Away at 88. Toshiba is Quitting the Personal Computer Business. Does it Matter Who Owns Tik Tok? Federal Contractor Secretly Placing Government Tracking Software in Mobile Apps. Benjamin Rockwell on problems, list or one at a time. Hank Kee on Chrome OS soon being able to run Windows software. Also, Windows 10 will soon run Android apps. And, Hank on MAC addresses needing to be unique. Marty Winston on Surge and Rescue. MP3
August 5 William English, Inventor of the Computer Mouse, Passed Away at 91. News Alert - Mysterious Seed Packets Sent to All 50 States May Be a Brushing Scam. Department of Justice Will Review Intuit Acquisition of Credit Karma for $7.1 Billion for Possible Anti-Trust. Microsoft Windows Defender Flagging CCleaner as Potentially Unwanted Application. Benjamin Rockwell on Working from Anywhere. Hank Kee and Joe King on the origins of The Personal Computer Show. Candidate for Recycling Use of a Door Stop [Old PC]. Marty Winston on Tools That Work Without Touching. MP3


July 29 Intel Announced it Will Require Outside Fabricators. How to Receive Free Local Broadcast Service. One of the Oldest Businesses on the Internet Sold for $9 Billion [eBAY]. Benjamin Rockwell on Preparing and Planning for What Happens if I Get Hit by a Bus. Hank Kee on the BadPower Attack which Corrupts Fast Chargers and can Melt or Set Your Device on Fire. Also, Hank on fixing Windows 10's Latest 'No Internet Connection' Bug, How to Connect All Those devices Together? and Bloatware, the free Software you do not want. Marty Winston on When the Thermostat is Where it's At. MP3
July 22 Pure Products Hypochlorous Acid Foggers may Endanger People. Why is there a coin shortage in the US? FCC Votes to Make 988 the new Suicide Hotline Number. Mozilla Bringing a Private VPN to Android, Chromebook, and Windows as a Standalone Service. Microsoft Dropping Part of Control Panel. Windows 10 May 2020 Update is Slowing Down Games and Causing ESENT Warnings. Benjamin Rockwell asks Why Does IT Always Report to Finance? Hank Kee on the Evolution of Cable TV and Cord Cutting. Also, a Case Study of the Missing Windows 10 Wireless Adapter. Marty Winston on 10V Lighting Control. MP3
July 15 Cable TV and streaming TV in lock step raising rates. Live TV streaming services that cost $20 or less. Bringing high-speed Internet to rural areas. Mozilla suspends Firefox Send service. Security cameras can tell burglars when you're not home. Google vs Google Chrome. Benjamin Rockwell on the IT Dress Code vs Standard Business Wear. Hank Kee on Tax Prep Apps - Intuit TurboTax vs. Credit Karma. Marty Winston on some HVAC improvements raise suspicions. MP3
July 8 July 15th income tax return deadline reminder. Youtube TV ups its streaming price to $65/month. Sling TV is an alternative cutting the cord option. Benjamin Rockwell on the usage of social media in business. Hank Kee on tracking device on your cell phone without your knowledge or consent. What Google will do with $110 Billion dollars. Marty Winston on charging air while dodging the ozone. MP3
July 1 Apple WWDC 2020 announcements. Microsoft is permanently closing its retail stores. Microsoft admits to a serious problem with Windows 10. Amazon seals the deal on Queens warehouse. Google will automatically delete your location history. After 84 Years, Olympus exits the camera business. Benjamin Rockwell on fighting loneliness while working from home. Hank on baseball without fans in the stands. Marty Winston on water Shaken Not Stirred. MP3


June 24 Zoom backtracked on End-to-End encryption plan and will now give it to all users. Google partnered with Parallels to bring Windows software to enterprise chromebooks. Benjamin Rockwell on Conferencing Calls Lacking Standards and Security. The latest Windows 10 upgrade, Build 2004 (April 2020) is a major screw-up. Marty Winston on Germ-killing technology - the good, the bad and the bogus. MP3
June 17 What happens to all that remote work from home equipment after the Coronavirus pandemic is over? Do not expect security and/or privacy when using ZOOM for teleconferencing. Benjamin Rockwell on the differences in Work-From-Home between the businesses levels. Call centers discover that work-from-home doesn't work for them. Fortune 500 CEOs say work from home works. Marty Winston on doo-dads for Dads for Father's Day. MP3
June 10 Remote Learning During Coronavirus Pandemic Did Not Work. Working From Home is now a thing. How To Promote Your Career When You Work From Home. The Coronavirus Will Permanently Change How Cities Work. Benjamin Rockwell on setting boundaries when working remotely. Hank on Soldered on Component Parts Limit Upgrade Flexibility and the Brave web browser is not as advertised. Marty Winston on Air Conditioner Basics. MP3
June 3 Windows 10 Build 2004 is a disaster! The Anti-5G USB stick is a scam. Google leaves thousands of contractors hanging as it rescinds promised job offers. Benjamin Rockwell on Learning Quickly while Adapting to Working at Home. Tech Corner: Windows Shortcut Keys and extending a wireless internet signal with a mesh network. Marty Winston: Oh Say Can UVC. MP3


May 27 Half of Facebook's employees may permanently work from home by 2030. Thousands of students failed AP exams due to the College Board not accepting iPhone photos. Microsoft is bringing Linux GUI app to Windows 10. Benjamin Rockwell on working from home. U.S. District Judge once again uphold the Maine law that requires cable operators to move Public Access stations to lower channels. Marty Winston resuscitated a Frankenstein system. MP3
May 20 Ramsay Malware can Steal Sensitive Documents from Air-gapped networks. Computer Electronics Scarcity Due to the coronavirus pandemic. Benjamin Rockwell on Conferencing Calls Lacking both Standards and Security. Why the Windows Operating System runs slower, over time. The Hyflex Option in College and University Education. The Pros and Cons of Taking Online College Classes. Marty Winston has an Open Letter to CES 2021. MP3
May 13 What states have the fastest and slowest Internet. Hackers are targeting the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. Secure Your Home Network. The Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Benjamin Rockwell on the differences in Work From Home between the business levels. Hank on how to Safely Run a ZOOM Meeting. The RetroPie Emulation Station on the Raspberry Pi. Marty Winston offers a six 6-month power predicament forecast. MP3
May 6 Windows 10x will Become a Chrome OS Competitor. Has the Coronavirus impacted Microsoft's business? Lenovo will offer ThinkPads with Linux pre-installed. They did this before, it did not last. Colleges could lose 20 percent of their students. Benjamin Rockwell on Setting Boundaries when Working Remotely. Consumer Behavior Changes as a Result of Covid-19. The new IT Normalcy when the Covid-19 crisis ends. Marty Winston on disbanding Wi Fi bandwidth bandits. MP3


April 29 Microsoft update is capable of deleting user files and bricking your PC. Yikes. Cyberattack steals PC data through fan vibrations. iPhone at risk of hacking through email app. The Coronavirus crisis in Consumer Electronics. Android's upcoming call recording feature. Benjamin Rockwell on learning quickly while adapting to working at home. John Conway and the Game of Life. Buying a New Computer? The newest shortage in New York City in the Coronavirus crisis. Marty Winston on thinking. Podbean
April 22 ZOOM has a Google Problem. Counterfeit Intel and AMD CPUs in the Retail and Used Computer Market. Coronavirus squeezes the supply of both Chromebooks and iPads. Benjamin Rockwell on what IT functions can be done remotely. Remotely Troubleshoot a PC with Windows Quick Assist. The small Smartphone of Today is Not Small. Marty Winston on 1-out-of-4-channel memory. Podbean
April 15 Schools worldwide are banning ZOOM for remote teaching. Wanted COBOL programmers. New York State handling of unemployment claims. Microsoft Edge becomes the second most popular desktop web browser. Apple's next iPhone is reportedly getting a major redesign. Benjamin Rockwell on Webex and competition. Hank discusses young women and STEM study in China. Marty Winston says the outlook is cloudy in cloud computing. Podbean
April 8 Yet another new Windows 10 update has serious problems. How Safe Is Zoom? NYC schools told not to use Zoom. Can you still use Zoom? Benjamin Rockwell explains VPNs explanations for business and home. Hank: what will cut down on robocalls? Make spoofing illegal! Marty Winston on retrofitting Frankenstein! Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Podbean
April 1 Windows 10 has a new network connectivity issue. Which devices in your home can slow down your Internet access. How to tell if you have the revised Raspberry Pi 4 board. The release of Apple iOS 13.4 is causing serious iPhone problems. iOS bug could seriously affect your personal hotspot. Benjamin Rockwell asks what will we learn from telecommuting? Hank on how the Internet is coping with extra traffic during COVID-19 crisis. Work from home reveals longer hours and privacy threat. Home VPN server. Marty Winston on spring cleaning. Podbean


March 25 The digital divide - U.S. students are asked to work remotely but 22 percent of homes do not have Internet access. The Federal tax filing deadline was extended to July 15th. Windows 10 updates KB4535996, KB4540673 and KB4551762 could make your PC slower to boot. All the free streaming services just might be what you are looking for. Benjamin Rockwell (part 5 of 5) on business culture. The Coronavirus will change the how the world communicates. Marty Winston on air locks for houses. Podbean
March 18 Using conference call services during the coronavirus medical crisis. Watch out for emails pitching COVID-19 health information and fake cures. The average cable bill exceeds all household utility bills combined. Benjamin Rockwell (Part 4 of 5) on Why IT - Security of business. Cloud VPN vs your own home VPN server. Marty Winston on how user interfaces oppose intuition. Podbean
March 11 Trenton Computer Festival and club meeting cancellations. Last minute tax preparation with Windows 7. Microsoft issues Windows 10 update warning. Windows 10 is not the Most Vulnerable Operating System. Cable companies gain Internet customers as they shed TV subscribers. Benjamin Rockwell on Why IT - Research improvement (part 3 of 5). What to Do When your Android Phone No Longer has Update Support. There are standards and . . . There are standards. Marty Winston on new tech for an old truck. Podbean
March 4 TCF, aka The Computer Festival will be on March 21, 2020. Google apologizes for NEST glitch. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile will be fined $200 Million. What's new with Solar Panel technology? Benjamin Rockwell on communication enhancements in IT (Part 2 of 5). The pace of cord cutting is accelerating exponentially. Small Cable TV providers are walking away from Pay TV. Frontier Communications gives up on Pay TV. Could Verizon FIOS dump Cable TV? AT&T TV Now is available with Android TV set-top box. Marty Winston on consumer products that measure indoor air quality (IAQ). Podbean


February 26 Google to crack down on location tracking apps. Huawei to develop an independent OS for China. FSF pushes for Microsoft to release Windows 7 as an open operating system. Microsoft all in one office app is released. Benjamin Rockwell on IT efficiency gains (part 1 of 5). Hank on just how safe is Wi-Fi anyway? Marty Winston forecasts more intelligent weather. Podbean
February 19 TVS Television launches a free streaming service. IRS deletes guideline on Fortnite virtual currency. U.S. has a 'Smoking Gun' on Huawei-built spying backdoors. Benjamin Rockwell does a Q&A about life and death businesses. Hank on what we know and do not know about the Coronavirus. And, Windows Rot and OS degradation. Marty Winston: if it sounds too good to be true, it must be. Podbean
February 12 Judge approves $26 billion merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Feds find fourth amendment workaround, buy phone locations from marketing firms. Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft upcycle Windows 7. Ransomware attacks grow, crippling cities and businesses. Benjamin Rockwell on disaster recovery. Hank on Science Fiction and Technology intertwined. Marty Winston does a review of widgets and thingamajigs. Podbean
February 5 Impact of the Corona Virus on consumer electronics. Cord Cutting and the cable companies. Avast has been selling the browser history of its users. Benjamin Rockwell on corporations disposing of old computers. Hank on the safety of 5G. Marty Winston on autonomous auto tech beyond the car. Podbean


January 29 Nearly all ThinkPads have defective USB-C ports. Relief from hidden cable TV fees. Pluto TV is a must-have free streaming service for Cord Cutters. Microsoft issuing free Windows 7 fix after introducing bug in final updates. Apple Macs can't get viruses or malware - Fact or Myth? Benjamin Rockwell on passwords as a necessary evil. Hank Kee on: What is the Internet of Things, and how does it work? And, the FCC gives Google and Sony permission to dole out 3.5GHz spectrum. Marty Winston on small-scale solar power for outdoor devices. Podbean
January 22 Gary Starkweather, inventor of the laser printer passed away at 81. Bose closes half its retail outlets. Android 'fleeceware' apps from the play store. Benjamin Rockwell on why IT is not a cost center or a profit center. Cord cutting is no longer just a trickle. Changes in radio listening. What options do you have for Windows 7? Marty Winston on Star Trek sensing for smart phones. Podbean
January 15 The City of New York has plans for open Internet competition. Robots are out of work in San Francisco. Everything old may be new again - Samsung foldable phone. Homeland security issues critical security warning on Firefox version 72. Democratic members of congress asked the Republican-controlled FCC to protect consumers from SIM swapping. Hyperx alpha gaming headset review. The importance of quality assurance. Cyber crooks are targeting retirement accounts. Infighting with the Internet of Things will end soon. MP3
January 8 Cable TV a la Carte is on hold. Tax prep companies can not longer hide their free filing software. Google cuts Xiaomi's Nest access. IoT is not ready for Prime Time. ATSC 3.0 OTA tuners will be released in the US. The television viewer Protection Act of 2019. Telephone Robocall abuse criminal enforcement and deterrence act. Benjamin Rockwell on the end of bug fixes for Windows 7 (Part 2 of 2). Hank: AT&T forces American tech workers to train their foreign replacements. Marty Winston on coming distractions. Podbean
January 1 News roundup 2019: the biggest tech stories of the year. Mark Laiosa on battery care according to the Battery University. Benjamin Rockwell on no more bug fixes for Windows 7 (part 1). Are multiple core processors always better? Marty Winston on the upcoming CES show and retrofitting a house to be energy efficient. MP3


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